Monday, August 3, 2009

NYC in the Summertime

This is the best time to visit (as if you actually need a reason) NYC, its warm and there are plenty of outdoor free events to keep you entertained for the entire three months. So here goes the plan for this week:

I just got back from Jazmine Sullivan and Robin Thicke: AWESOME AND FREE! I really went more for Robin Thicke because I am going to see Jazmine Sullivan on Sunday.

I went in with my hair wavy but when I left I looked like Alex the lion... This is why I love natural back to the shows.

Tuesday and Wednesday don't offer many option but on Thursday I will be singing along to my favorite pop movie of all time.. YES That's right Purple Rain.
Those of you that are going out there with me better be ready for when "Star" comes on. I can get quite animated with it. heheh

rest on Friday and then bring on the weekend!
Saturday and the wrath of KANE!....The name is Big Daddy here to bring trouble to...Boy this should be a good show. I'm skipping the Lyricist Lounge documentary only because I've seen it before.

I'll be in Central Park, getting my soul on yet again.

First up:
JON B ~ original blue eyed soul (of the 90's anyway)
Ryan Leslie ~ oh I can't wait to hear him sing "Valentin"
Jazmine Sullivan ~ Twice in one week, fun fun fun
and LAST and the one I've been waiting for since Summerstage announced their calendar



So NYers, whose going to join me in sweating out my hair, dancing and most importantly laughing at the Fashion faux pas that are NYC summer concerts?


The Jaded NYer said...

Big Daddy Kane might be a problem because I'll be in NJ Friday, but you know I'm there for the others... even if it means missing Hall & Oates at Coney Island *sniffle* I just can't abandon Prince like that... he IS on my "Celebs I'd F*ck" list after all. Not in the top 5 (anymore) but still in as an alternate LOL

ShellyShell said...

Where is Big Daddy Kane going to be at? I'm definitely going on Thursday because Prince is my all time favorite performer! Sunday we'll be there.

Eb the Celeb said...

you know I'll be there... ya'll raggedy winches flaked on me last week and I saw Joe, Chico, and Ginuwine all by my lonely so I dont need yall winches anyway... hmpf!

Anonymous said...

You fail to say where all this stuff is going on. Prince...I'd like to see that.

ShellyShell said...

@Eb Me, Keana, Olisa and about 5 other people saw Joe and company too!

clnmike said...

Thats a good weekend.