Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why must you all be so silly?

Look I get it, its summer and tons of women have on less clothing, no burkas and heavy coats so sometimes men get a little excited but sometimes they just go the F$%K overboard. Here's my story:

Last Wed morning, beaten and bruised by my trip to Great Adventures, I got up, grabbed my longest dress (so I didnt have to worry about Ashy knees, legs if I missed a spot) threw my hair back with a headband, and a few gold accessories so the gold would make my skin look bright ( I was really that tired)and left for work. I didnt think I looked all that special, I was just happy the dress was clean. I dropped CJ off and started to walk to the bus. As I walked, I passed two men who at first glance looked like they were getting into the car. I didnt pay them too much attention until....


ME: *IGNORE, because I am not a damn CAT*

This went on for a few seconds at the bus stop, so I decided to walk up and get the express bus, why did these fools start to walk behind me talking about "I could get it" . ok look I was sleepy, in pain and CRANKY so I turned around and shot them the meanest evil eye I could. Clearly it wasn't evil enough because one of them shouted out something I will not repeat about my behind and that is when I lost it...
ME: Jeez I guess you don't have a lot of home training, its 7:30 in the morning who do you think wants to hear that mess. I'd actually appreciate it if you all returned to your rock cave and left me the hell alone.

These men (or rather boys in men's bodies) had the nerve to respond... Sweetie (wrong move one) don't get all upset we're only paying you a few compliments. WHAT? Compliments, rude and disgusting things shouted down a street is not a freaking compliment. The only thing I could think to say after that mess of an explanation was "Well I'd hate to her you insult me" and finally the bus came.

I'm not knocking all Black men because there are quite a few respectful ones out there but when the sun is out its like all the creeps come out to play. If this is the caliber of men my single ladies (yes my friends are LADIES, not just women) are being approached by, then LORDY its no wonder they are looking at "Something News".

I could see if I were the woman that was all sucking her teeth, not responding when you say something as simple as Good Morning, but I'm not. If a man speaks to me (as these two men did) I will speak back, but that does NOT give you the right to get rude and nasty. UGHHH!
If I had been more alert I probably would have said more, then again DAMN THEM.

*rant over*


The Jaded NYer said...

yup. this is what's out in the streets of NYC. A person can't even go out to do laundry or jog in the park w/out dealing w/this foolishness!


Keith said...

It's rough being a woman on most days! I sympathize completely.

Eb the Celeb said...

OK I cant even comment right now after seeing the asian twang comment above... bwhaahahahaha... wth!

The F$%K it List said...

UGHHH I don't know how to block the stupid chinese spammers.