Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Every single one of you has something that you're good at. Every single one of you has something to offer,"

The quote above comes directly from our President Barack Obama's speech to the children returning to school this Fall. Now does that sound like ranting, liberal propaganda? Well according to the Republi-can'ts (as well as a whole lot of the"others") it might have been.

I'm confused why anyone would think that after all the positivity President Obama has spread over the last two years he would decide to unleash this master plan of doctrinating the kids of America. Turning all the little rednecks and baby KKK away from their parents and their obviously (in)sane way of thinking... Ok maybe thats too much.Then again No its not, because all the uproar has been lead by the people I described above. The ones that feel their way of living, or the America of their past (as Glenn Beck put it) is in danger of being destroyed. I want to know what way of living he speaks of, the one where my mother couldn't eat at any food counter because of her skin color, or the one that forced so many to pass for white so they could get education... This is not the America I want to look back too and relive. If I look back I want to say WOW we sure have come a long way. When I hear that all of these parents are raising hell over a speech meant to inspire, I have to think that some people in White America are trying to envoke a different fear since the angry Black man didn't work.  Kind of sad don't you think.....

Then there was the speech to Congress this evening about healthcare reform. I can't even see why this is an issue. Sure we should have more of the facts and in the beginning the President wasn't as transparent with the but still why is wanting ALL Americans to be healthy a HUGE deal. First the beef from Republi-can'ts was that taxes would be higher like in Europe, then it was death panels for America's Seniors and ofcourse lets not forget the town hall meetings, where the people of the land of the free gnashed their teeth and started fight after fight.And all in all  it was ALWAYS the same group of people.

Tonight the Republicans showed the Leader of the Free World No Respect, one in particular from the state of South Carolina ( Joe Wilson) who screamed out "You Lie" in the middle of the President's speech. WTH kind of unprofessional BS was that? Is this man old, senile and so we should think he's just a crazy, No!! He just dishonored himself, his state (constituents) and the NATION. There was also a repubican't holding a sifn like he was at F$%king American Idol. The High school freshamn behavior displayed by the left was indeed an embarassment to all. I wonder when both sides are going to get it and realize that no matter what your personal feelings are this is NOT ABOUT YOU, its about what is best for the people of America....And ultimately A Healthy America is BEST for all Americans. Why this is such a foreign thing in this country? The sheer number of contradictions we live by are mind blowing... I can give you a million examples.

Obama has the daddy side eye working, Joe B looks like he wants to cut somebody.
I won't even go into the Representative from Louisiana, when they get the mess that is New Orleans together, get the displaced back in their homes I might give them some time on this blog.

This quote sums up the republican's perfectly:
""When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty." ~ George Bernard Shaw

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12kyle said...

the republicans are determined to make this a one party government. they may have just lost the white house and congressional majority for a generation. the economy is recovering, health care will pass; all bad news for them. the only reason that they are trying to hijack this issue because they know that they will lose the middle class and upper middle class if democrats reform health care. they may agree with all the dem proposals but they lose for a generation once this is done. they are feeling they're mortality right now. some of them can save themselves by not getting caught on the wrong side of history. the others are determined to go down with the ship...good riddance!!!