Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Muhammad Ali was good with words too, but it helped that he could punch people in the faces" ~ Bill Maher

Everyone that reads my blog knows I love all things President Obama, but even my love comes with a conditions (for politicians anyway).My condition is that if you are going to make changes in this ass backwards country then DO it and don't let a bunch of silly naysayers ruin it. I feel like in the last week President Obama hasn't been acting like he is the commander in chief and that his party is the majority in both houses.If he can keep them on his side then who cares what the republican'ts do or say.
First it was Skip Jones and beer-gate, death panels, speaking to kids in schools,  then the firing of Van Jones.....,then health care again.

And clearly I'm not the only one that thinks President Obama needs to really  stand up and forget about what the crazy 30% think about him. So take it away Bill Maher, take it away!


Bill Maher is 100% right, 70% of the population also needs to stand up and tell the race mongers,birther,tea party participants that its time to cut the bull.


12kyle said...

Once again...you said it better than anybody else.

I think people should get behind the man. He can't do it alone

The Jaded NYer said...

did he call him "Black Elvis"???? LMAO!!!!!!!

I agree with Bill... dude is trying too hard to be a people pleaser. Is he trying not to be the "angry Black man" or something?

Dear Obama: I'm gonna need for you to remember that you have cojones. That is all.


DollFace said...


Let's get back to the issues at hand and leave this Joe Wilson spectacle in last week's news, because quite frankly:
1. 'a lie' is going to be one of the tamest insults hurled at Obama by the time this presidency is over
2. folks seems to forget the heckling and disrespect shown to Bush, especially towards the end. Regardless of a person's opinion of the man, the title and position need to be respected. Joe was wrong, but I care more about healthcare reform.