Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Open Letter

This evening I went looking  for CJ a new fall jacket (why is he growing so damn fast, he's in a 4 already damn it, NOT A 4T a 4) and boy was I annoyed with the choices...which is why I am writing this open letter.

Dear Urban Designers,

 My son is 3 years old, a toddler he enjoys running, flipping and not listening to his parents when he can get away with it. His clothes need to be properly fitted for all his activities which is why I rebuke you! Why is the 4T really like a size 6 and way too big? I want my son to look like a child not a smaller version of his dad (who also rebukes you).
Now for your latest designs, why do all of your new designs include glittery billboard action on the sweater, t-shirt, pants, socks, etc...If you want to advertise on my son's body like he is a billboard in Times Square then I think you should pay me. And why all the glitter, sequin all over little boys clothes? Look its fine if grown men want to walk around looking like Liberachi but kids should look like kids and sequin is NOT KID FRIENDLY.

So to you Urban Designers I say Good Day! I tried but I can't, So You will never ever be a part of my sons wardrobe I'll just go to Daffy's and buy European.

The F$%k it list

P.S. Don't get me started about the little girls clothing. Just don't


The Dreamy One said...

that shyss does look ghetto tho,lol

i wouldnt want my kid wearing any of that stuff

Smarty Jones said...


Anonymous said...

This is why I stay shopping at Carters, Gymboree, and Old Navy for my baby. Some of these designers are out of their damned mind with what they want us to put our kids in.

12kyle said...

*tappin' the mic* Hello...is this thing on? Is anybody home over here?