Monday, October 26, 2009

Random 'Ish

Whooo it's been a minute since I've done one of these....why you might ask? TWITTER and all this instant gratification. I feel like a man hahaha. Any who here goes.

I do not watch a lot of TV but on Sunday nights PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME!

Sunday equals, Curb, Bored, Mad, and then Sleep. These are not emotions this is my Sunday night line up.

I'm starting to wish I never got tricked into Facebook,*side eye at Sonshine* because some of my friends and their status messages are TOO MUCH INFORMATION or too little because they want you to ask "What's wrong".

I've gone back to drinking tea at night before bed. Preferably Indian Spice Chai made with half and half. YUM and happy dreams!

I will be seeing "Push" when it comes to theater, I remember how hard it was for me to read the book but I will do it again.

On Twitter I saw a lot of conversations about the beef between Tyler Perry and Spike Lee. *YAWN*

One tweet I saw was that this is going to fore the black community to chose sides.... DUDE its not that F$%King serious. These are two millionaires fighting let them duke it out.

This house stuff is making me CRAZY, but finally FINALLY its coming to an end.

October has been tons of fun thus far, but Karaoke with Eb the Celeb, DeJanade,Ms. So Chic and Ms. Hollywood (as well as other) was Awesome.

CJ has joined a soccer team and he's really good. Dusting the kids that have been in the class since the beginning. YEAH CJ.

I've blocked MLB and The Mets from sending me emails. I am so over them for now and it pains me to say GoYankees *washed mouth out with soap* but I can't see Philly win again.

I think I want to start dancing again, but just don't know when I will have the time.

I've been reading about religion and I think I want to take a few classes. Classes more on origin, and how we've kind of screwed up the original message.

Thanks to Bangs and a Bun, I am now as fascinated with the BNP as I am with The Tudors.

Who knew the KKK existed in the UK. Well they do.

The HBO documentary OUTrage was a real eye opener. And after watching it I LOVE LOVE Congressman Barney Frank more than I did before

I finally have my logo and I love it. I'll unveil it soon.

I don't want to take over the media, I leave that to The Jaded NYer and Smarty but I've always wanted a line of t-shirts with positive message so there you go.

I've tried to like football but its not really clicking....I'm not giving up but I'm not watching every week.

I'm so over the RT on FB, leave the two separate please...Thank You. And kill the stupid #kanyeshrug BLECCCH

I've been hearing more and more people play these new Chris Brown songs.... I knew people would forget easily.

Now that Hot 97 is playing that BS "Tardy for the Party" I'm getting into the studio. whose going to do my hook?

So I heard that  Leperchaun from the hood Lil Wayne plead out on his weapons charge in NY and will be doing a year. I'm going to need these celebs to remember this is an ELECTION Year and you are going to get time if you are carrying a gun in NY.

Why did mom say he turned himself in for Street cred? I can't with her and this lingo.

I need teenagers, and more importantly adults to stop using fake words. Wuz, Girlz, U'd...It takes two seconds more to just type the real thing WAS, GIRLS,You'd. PLEASE STOP.

Who else but YT people are going to use this mess?

This is just bad hair, and why do you want to have hair that big? I mean I can understand if you're from S.I but that's really it.

Halloween is only a few days away and I am not at all thrilled. I'm hoping that changes by mid-week.

*whooo I forgot how relieved I feel after these post*

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank You Mr. President

Dear Republican'ts,
Do you see what you're doing, creating a hostile and hateful environment that is solely based on race? What are you telling little Black kids? "you can be anything you want to be, EVEN PRESIDENT" IF you're white. Tons of people will disagree with me,and say most people that are anti-Obama feel that way because of his policies,Save IT! Sure there is a small group that disagree with his policies,HELL I have issues with some of them. But 95% of the people we are shown on the cable news are just plain old racists. Birthers, Tea Baggers,KKK or whatever name they are going under at the time, are all using these so called issues as covers for their racist views.

I think President Obama handled this very well,as I knew he would but you have to think that took away a little of his soul. It took away a little of mine. I'm really glad CJ is too young to understand racism and its harm. But when the time comes for me to explain I'll be armed thanks to you! So watch out, he's going to be your worse nightmare.....revisited.


The F$%Kit list

Uhm Really?

I'd really appreciate it if whoever keeps hitting the button on my time machine STOPS. These Quantum leaps are giving me headaches, and stress up the wazzohhhhh. Not to mention I like 2009, and according to the news media we are ALL POST-RACIAL right? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

This article was shared on facebook by a friend and I thought I'd get your thoughts on it.....

Costco Pulls Offensive "Lil' Monkey" Doll Off Shelves (YES that says LIL MONKEY DOLL)

GREENSBORO, N.C. - A baby doll found at a local Costco store has been pulled from store shelves following complaints from customers complaining it is offensive.

According to Costco representatives, a Greensboro customer filed complaints about the offensive doll and the company pulled the product from stores.

The product is a doll called the "Cuddle with Me" baby doll manufactured by a company called BrassKey Keepsakes. The controversy stemmed from the black version of the doll which is surrounded by monkeys and wears a hat labeled "Lil' Monkey," while the white version is surrounded by pandas and wears a hat labeled "Pretty Panda."

Costco's corporate office says when they received complaints from John Taylor and other shoppers about the doll, store employees pulled the product from store shelves immediately.

According to a Costco corporate employee, a chain letter demanding the stores remove product number 404860 also prompted the company to take action.

Costco's Vice President of General Administration, Arthur Jackson said, "We offer our sincere apology to anyone who was offended by the product. That was surely never our intent."

Mary Gustaff, CEO of BrassKey Keepsakes, said the company offers a sincere apology to customers.

"It's so unfortunate because now it's being portrayed as a purposeful act to be disrespectful and that's not true. We really apologize," said Gustaff

When Ferguson asked Gustaff if she thought the dolls could be viewed as offensive, Gustaff responded: "We don't think in that way. We don't operate in that kind of thinking. We have a really diverse family-operated company that's been around for 28 years. What would we have to gain for heaven's sake?"

Greensboro Costco Manager James Stafford says the store carried both black and white dolls packaged with monkeys. A spokesperson with Costco's corporate office did not confirm the information.

Costco said all versions of the doll have been returned to the vendor. 

 ok so MAYBE,JUST MAYBE they had no intentions to offend Black people.....wait I don't believe that as I type it. This is one of the oldest stereotypes in the book and they didn't think that Black people that came across the doll would be up in arms, that's just stupidity on their part.  And why is it when a company gets busted they have a million answers, starting with "We don't operate like that"....uhm clearly you do or I would be asleep not wondering what the people on your board were thinking when they approved the sale of a black doll with Lil Monkey on its hat.

So what say you blogsphere?