Monday, October 26, 2009

Random 'Ish

Whooo it's been a minute since I've done one of these....why you might ask? TWITTER and all this instant gratification. I feel like a man hahaha. Any who here goes.

I do not watch a lot of TV but on Sunday nights PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME!

Sunday equals, Curb, Bored, Mad, and then Sleep. These are not emotions this is my Sunday night line up.

I'm starting to wish I never got tricked into Facebook,*side eye at Sonshine* because some of my friends and their status messages are TOO MUCH INFORMATION or too little because they want you to ask "What's wrong".

I've gone back to drinking tea at night before bed. Preferably Indian Spice Chai made with half and half. YUM and happy dreams!

I will be seeing "Push" when it comes to theater, I remember how hard it was for me to read the book but I will do it again.

On Twitter I saw a lot of conversations about the beef between Tyler Perry and Spike Lee. *YAWN*

One tweet I saw was that this is going to fore the black community to chose sides.... DUDE its not that F$%King serious. These are two millionaires fighting let them duke it out.

This house stuff is making me CRAZY, but finally FINALLY its coming to an end.

October has been tons of fun thus far, but Karaoke with Eb the Celeb, DeJanade,Ms. So Chic and Ms. Hollywood (as well as other) was Awesome.

CJ has joined a soccer team and he's really good. Dusting the kids that have been in the class since the beginning. YEAH CJ.

I've blocked MLB and The Mets from sending me emails. I am so over them for now and it pains me to say GoYankees *washed mouth out with soap* but I can't see Philly win again.

I think I want to start dancing again, but just don't know when I will have the time.

I've been reading about religion and I think I want to take a few classes. Classes more on origin, and how we've kind of screwed up the original message.

Thanks to Bangs and a Bun, I am now as fascinated with the BNP as I am with The Tudors.

Who knew the KKK existed in the UK. Well they do.

The HBO documentary OUTrage was a real eye opener. And after watching it I LOVE LOVE Congressman Barney Frank more than I did before

I finally have my logo and I love it. I'll unveil it soon.

I don't want to take over the media, I leave that to The Jaded NYer and Smarty but I've always wanted a line of t-shirts with positive message so there you go.

I've tried to like football but its not really clicking....I'm not giving up but I'm not watching every week.

I'm so over the RT on FB, leave the two separate please...Thank You. And kill the stupid #kanyeshrug BLECCCH

I've been hearing more and more people play these new Chris Brown songs.... I knew people would forget easily.

Now that Hot 97 is playing that BS "Tardy for the Party" I'm getting into the studio. whose going to do my hook?

So I heard that  Leperchaun from the hood Lil Wayne plead out on his weapons charge in NY and will be doing a year. I'm going to need these celebs to remember this is an ELECTION Year and you are going to get time if you are carrying a gun in NY.

Why did mom say he turned himself in for Street cred? I can't with her and this lingo.

I need teenagers, and more importantly adults to stop using fake words. Wuz, Girlz, U'd...It takes two seconds more to just type the real thing WAS, GIRLS,You'd. PLEASE STOP.

Who else but YT people are going to use this mess?

This is just bad hair, and why do you want to have hair that big? I mean I can understand if you're from S.I but that's really it.

Halloween is only a few days away and I am not at all thrilled. I'm hoping that changes by mid-week.

*whooo I forgot how relieved I feel after these post*


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ROFL!!!! been outta the loop, but you're still hilarious!!!

Smarty Jones said...

No more #kanyeshrug? Well, how will I ever express my indifference to the shit I just said?
I'm reading Push right now.
TP and Spike are beefin'? What for? They so different and I got some stew brewing for both of 'em. Pssh! I KNOW they don't wanna hear from Smarty on movies.
I'm taking over media? I only want to help Jaded be the Dominican Oprah, I don't wanna be anyone's boss. But hey, I'll take it. :)
I agree with Mom Dukes on the Lil' Gremlin thing. He lost street cred when he got a degree and did an interview with Katie Couric and said, out loud, "I'm a gangsta, Miss Katie." Pssh!
Amen to this texting nonsense. I think it's making people dumber.
I never get excited about Halloween. But I am excited this year because it is Homecoming in Aggie Land! Chea!

Bangs and a Bun said...

I'm not sure whether to feel proud or utterly horrified that I introduced you to the BNP.

The Jaded NYer said...

You can create your line of Tees under the Jaded Empire umbrella. Just tell me when LOL

The F$%K it List said...

@PCD Hey! how is mommy of 3 doing?

@Smarty Yes in my head you and Jaded are taking over the media world.. Oprah who? ha
And did you not see the TP response to Spike calling his work coonish. Yeah get on that vid SON!

@Bang Feel proud. I need to know these things. So I thank you, now my family might want to get you later for giving me one more thing to obsess about but whatever. haha

@Jaded YESSSS! I'd like my t-shirts sold in the bodega between the chips and quarter water. HAHAH.

Eb the Celeb said...

girl they changed the name of the movie from Push to Precious but yeah i want to see it too so maybe you can get your schedule together right now so me and jaded dont have to go with out you..

and I need to stop being lazy and edit this karaoke video so the world can see this coonery

oh and you know I got some killer hooks... when we getting in the studio son?

and dag nabbit I'm gonna make me some renaissance black woman t-shirts cuz you winches aint gonna be upstaging me... shoooooooooooooo lol

Coogie Cruz said...

I read "Leprachuan" and my heart fell you know I am petrified of those things lol. Those hair bump commercials make me laugh every single time because it looks horrid.

12kyle said...

It's been a minute. I like this one, tho!

Please get CJ involved in FOOTBALL!!!!!! LOL

Welcome to the Yankee Nation, baby!

Sundays ain't the same without Entourage. *sigh*

Tardy for the Party? What is that?

If you wanna make a and you...we can do it! We'll be like Jigga and Foxxy...Meth and Mary...Jigga and Amil. LMAO!!!!!

The F$%K it List said...

@EB I'm going to call it Push, Precious is a stupid name. Ya'll tell me when you want to see it and I will be there.

Don't play i'll be up in the studio like WHAT WHAT! I mean damn at least I'm not tone deaf like Kim.

@12kyle CJ is going to play football he's still to young so in the meantime its all about soccer. Plus if I try to keep him in soccer I think Eb might kidnap him. His Dad won't mind he loves soccer

oh yes we can do a collabo on my new album. but not like Jigga and NO ONE.

Be glad you don't know about "Tardy for the Party", ask the Mrs she'll know.

Miss P said...

girl, i haven't forgotten about chris. or r kelly. but i think most people feel if rihanna forgives him we should too. i say no chris or kells the chester in my house.

i'll be sure to use proper punctuation in your comment section from now on, lol

i've been trying to see the tp video, but it's not working on this computer :( but spike needs to back up off madea and brown, cuz she speaks the truth, even if she is a little touched in the head, lmao