Monday, November 30, 2009

Twitter Faux Pas

This week I had some slack behavior running all up and through my timeline. I was kind of annoyed and thought about un-following some folks, but then decided that more times than not these people are funny. So I thought I'd just put them here and move on:

  • 18 different hashtags in one tweet. Can we say over board? You only get 140 characters use them. The only time it doesn't bother me is when Elon James does it. 
  • Twitter beef. Really you are arguing over twitter? You might want to get a life. 
  • Tweeting about your sex life... Is nothing sacred? I'm no prude but I damn sure don't want to know the blow by blow of your sex life
  • Sex-tweeting? Yesterday I was scrolling through reading why folks were thankful and one person had re-tweeted a Cum shot and then another had put a pic of her boobs. I keep my tweets private so the online porn stars can't blind me with this mess. So if you're following me and this is your steez, please make one of your to do list items to UNFOLLOW ME. 
  • Live-tweeting the actual plot of a newly released movie. This shit will get you unfollowed.
  • Threats of unfollowing people. Just go the F$%K on with it already. 
  • Trying to sell me something,. I don't care if another social network has a business plan but Twitter does not and clearly you don't either because you're on TWITTER
To quote IamDollface, "Some of ya'll need to get your DM game up".

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the entire F$%K it List family!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And this station just gave me life.

 If you want to get your daggerin' and dutty wine on , this is not the station for you. But it just gave me Life and I will be listening all the time.

Create your own Slacker Station now

*waves lighter*

Random 'Ish

Tons of thoughts running through my mind, and I need to share:

My birthday is almost here and besides rounding up all my blog buddies and doing Karaoke I don't have it all planned out....SO NOT ME

I am tired of this house process. I know its a deal and all but GOT DAMN can I get a break and be done with this mess already.

I said it on Twitter I'll say it again, I am not happy about Morgan Freeman playing Mandela and even more upset that bkbuttafly told me Winnie is being played by J.Hud. WTF people?

This morning a transit worker mouthed to me "You're the One".I laughed but was flattered.

I HATE THE U/S. SENATE! I mean hate hate hate.

I get that the Republican'ts dislike President Obama, Universal Healthcare blah blah but what is wrong with the Dems and this need to filibuster Universal Healthcare and the public option. I hate you! (yes Ms. P I am going to write, but this thing has taken a new turn)

37 charges of ethical violations Senator Sanford? I foresee a dumbass award in your future. Guess his rising star has sunk FAST.

These damn politicians should have learned one thing from former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick don't use the publics money for your escapades.

Last Night when J-lo bust her ass I laughed so hard I started coughing, today I saw a woman do the same thing. It was equally as funny.

CJ had a real scrimmage match this past Saturday. It was HILARIOUS.

And yes I'm officially a soccer mom. Not the mini-van driving, Laura Ashley type. More like Claire Huxtable when Rudy joins the football team.

Now that my logo is coming along, its time to find some cool saying to put on the t-shirts.

Someone needs to come over and paint my house once we close. I pay in fabulous meals and I'll even let you sleep over...

What food isn't enough?Clearly you haven't had my pancakes FROM SCRATCH,ask about me!

I need a new camera. I think I want the Nikon touch. DAMN Ashton and those commercials.

Did I mention how much of a snooze the AMA's were? And how awful Rihanna's performance was? Well now I have.

I should be watching the news but instead I'm watching Chef Academy. I love cooking shows!

Besides the News in NY is all shoot 'em up (thanks to the Bronx) and that is just depressing.

Toddlers are just plain old crazy. Crying and falling out to laughing hysterically in 50seconds flat.

Is this suppose to be funny? I swear the Conservatives are high and just sitting around thinking "you know what would be funny?" and then they put out these crazy things:

Please pay attention that the same Black guy is being featured over and over again. Just plain old crazy.
And yes this will be released straight to DVD on Thursday.

Monday, November 23, 2009

'Dem a Bleach

When I was younger the title of this post was a really popular dancehall song. It was intended to strike shame in those that bleached their skin to go from darker to lighter skin tones w/the use of bleaching agents, and it did. You did not want to be the girl that bleached or used products like Ambi to "even out" your skin tone. Looking back maybe it was more teenagers making jokes, but in a strange way it forced you to be proud of who you were.

In recent news  it seems what was once taboo is becoming a popular trend with athletes, musicians down to the regular Jane on the street. I'm sure you've all seen the pics of Sammy Sosa and read his comments about rejuvenation and not being racist. I agree with Sosa he's not a racist(one because that makes no sense) he is something far worse. In his efforts to "rejuvenate" his skin he's shown that self hate is Alive and present no matter the situation. Self hate in this form is  dangerous for many reasons, and it promotes the stereotype that Euro beauty is still the standard. If you're white you're right, black step back. So you lighten your skin regardless of the consequences.  Unfortunately Sosa is in the public eye, and  some little Dominican boy or girl is going to think that picking up rejuvenation products   is the key to success because their idols do it.

After I saw Sosa's pic and heard his lame excuse behind it I was disgusted. Then DJ D.Nice put the video below up on twitter:

This entire family in Jamaica bleaches their skin,and their reasons are just as convoluted as Sosa's. Despite bleaching creams being illegal in Jamaica and the Dr's warning them of the dangers of using these black market products, they continue  risking life and freedom to lighten their skin.  The young woman in the video even says if she had one dollar she'd  use it to get bleach not food. Bleaching for her is a necessity while food is a luxury.  There is something really wrong with that.  She continues on to say that when she bleaches no one can say anything to her because she is white..... There it is! I'm white I'm RIGHT, you're Black STEP BACK. Its a mentality that has always plagued our people but I've never seen it manifest itself this way.

In the past we've seen studies about Black children preferring dolls that are white because they are "clean" and "smart" while the Black doll is "dirty" and "stupid" and we were outraged. However we still hope for the best because they are children. We hope that their parents, friends, a book something, someone will intervene and point them in the direction of self-love.  (More on that later) But how do we help or change the minds of adults with the same mind set?  The adults that would rather be the white doll, because then she'd be able to demand respect,get a proper job? Where do you start when a family makes the decision to kill and starve themselves in an  effort to live the white dream?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Look

Do you all remember that old DeBarge song "You wear it well"?

Well I couldn't get it out of my head as I started to think about how ho hum my blog was looking. "Not the ordinary anything you wear looks good on you" Random right? The green was nice and all but it started to give me a headache and then  old girl Lazy got the best of me so I just stuck it out. I had no idea where I wanted to go with my new Not Ordinary look.

I thought about going back to my first background, all black with white text,but a little birdie told me that Bangs and a Bun might wield her mighty bitch slap in my direction. Seeing that I'm only at 65% because of this URI I decided to stay away from that one hahaha..

So I searched and searched until I found this one.....and I love it. Hope you enjoy the new look as well (don't pay attention to that stupid header it will be gone tomorrow).

P.S. If I ever feel the need to do this again in the near future please remind me to save my damn blog list somewhere first. UGH

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hey you.. .Yeah you Dumbass come here

This morning I got the idea to do a post about the dumbass people I hear about on the news.
Meet Lawrence Demaio.

Old Lawrence decided that it was a great night to go speeding all up and through Long Island when a  State Trooper stopped him and gave him a speeding ticket.  Nothing major right? You fight it or you pay the ticket.

Well Lawrence was highly upset about this ticket and decided that he would give that cop a piece of his mind (which he really doesn't have to spare) so he came up with this GENIUS PLAN.  He called the Trooper's mother and told her that her son had been in a horrible car crash and was at Mercy Hospital.
HA what a laugh right? NO its cruel and probably the dumbest thing you've ever heard, but the story gets better. Mr. Dumbass made the call from his own phone and the investigators were able to trace it back to him and arrest him.

So for that Lawrence Dumbass Demaio it is with great pleasure that I tell you this

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Conversations with a child

When I first found out I was pregnant I have to admit I wasn't all "Whoo Hoo" but as the pregnancy progressed I got excited about the fun I would have with this little person I was carrying and nurturing. Then came the big day and after a long walk and a few hours of pushing he was here (ok it was way more than that but whatever). My first thought when I  held CJ was "Oh shoot, I think he has my attitude" because his little teeny lips were screwed up and his eyebrow was raised like "What?".

Fast forward to one years old:

He was a chatterbox, but thankfully we really didn't know what he was talking about. He's sing songs and say I love Mommy. I'd read to him from his collection of books or just whatever I was reading including the NY Times. I could lay in the bed WAY Past 7am back then and he'd lay there with me... Aww Good times.

Then he turned 2:

Now he was yelling and screaming "No" and "I don't like him/her" and besides the few temper tantrums he was a rather pleasant child. I started to see more and more that he was my child though. Example when I was planning his birthday party and he wanted that Champagne fountain, and he wouldn't forget or let it go.  Oh and let's not forget how he use to love to say "Damn it" and "Jesus Christ" ALL MOMMY'S BOY!

Now he's 3:

and the best way to describe this age is RUN, RUN, JUMP, FLIP AND TALK TALK TALK!  HAHAHA But I love it. He's turning into such an amazing kid and I credit my spunky mommy attitude to it all (yeah yeah ya'll can say the Mr. played a part too ). Now what prompted me to write about CJ today (even though I own Ms. P that post) is a conversation we had this morning:

ME: CJ I have to get up now and get ready for work. You're staying with Grandma until Daddy gets home from work.
CJ: Your Grandma or Daddy's Grandma?
ME: My Mom
CJ: Mommy why do you call your Grandma, Mom she's your Grandma and you're the Mommy
Me: No Nana is my Grandma, and your Grandma is my mom
Me: ok, we'll talk about that later, I need to get up and get dressed.
CJ: Mommy can you read me "Where the wild things are"
ME: C.JJJJJJJJ you know I have to get dressed
CJ: Moose A Moose says you have to ready to me 20 (he says tenny) minutes a day.
*So I give in and read the book*
Then go and get in the shower, when I came back in the room he was laying on the bed watching "Imagination Movers". I continued to get dressed then asked him if he wanted to watch something else..... his response: "Mommy Imagination Movers was my favorite show back when I was little and you need to go to work you're going to be late"
All I could do was laugh. He's too much and he comes by it naturally ;P..

Thanks little bit for making a rather hum drum day more interesting :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Damn it!

I know its been an entire week of me not saying a word but after Bloomberg won, then the Yankees won I needed a break hahaha.

Anyway I'm going to be back at it soon. I owe Ms. P a "DAMN IT" post about the Democrats and the Universal healthcare plan and their proposed death pools.  I need to debut my logo, and heck I haven't shared the random-ness that is my life in a while, so starting today during the Jaded NYers broadcast I'm going to try to writes something... Sorry El Generalissimo, I'll still call in to share my smack the kids down wisdom :).

Now I need to get back to work.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hey New Yorkers its that time again


I know,I know the election is tomorrow. And normally I would have been all about blogging on the elections, the candidates etc but look life happens.  I decided to do this last minute post after watching NY1 new segment your 2 cents about voting. Of the 5 or so I watched everyone seemed to be of the same mind set, that it was necessary to vote. But there was one woman that said she was NOT going to vote, her reasons were the typical I don't think my vote will count blah blah blah. I was furious to hear this because what is the logic in that.... "I believe in Thompson for Mayor, but since I don't think he's going to win I'm going to sit this one out. and then I don't waste my vote" How does that even make sense?

First if you believe in something you should be hitting the pavement to let people know you give a damn. Second if you sit this one out and the candidate you believe in lose by such a slim margin, won't you feel like a major idiot? IF not you should
And Third what is this mess about wasting your vote? Did I miss the memo about a limit on how many votes one person can have in their lifetime?

I say all of this to let you know the excuses are not working, you have a duty to go out and vote. The people you vote for, and eventually elect ESPECIALLY in your local elections should be the politicians that have your best interest at heart. So get up and GO VOTE tomorrow NY and NJ. If not SHUT UP because you made excuses and now you need to live with it. No More Excuses.

Need More info on the elections go here: VOTE VOTE VOTE!