Monday, November 2, 2009

Hey New Yorkers its that time again


I know,I know the election is tomorrow. And normally I would have been all about blogging on the elections, the candidates etc but look life happens.  I decided to do this last minute post after watching NY1 new segment your 2 cents about voting. Of the 5 or so I watched everyone seemed to be of the same mind set, that it was necessary to vote. But there was one woman that said she was NOT going to vote, her reasons were the typical I don't think my vote will count blah blah blah. I was furious to hear this because what is the logic in that.... "I believe in Thompson for Mayor, but since I don't think he's going to win I'm going to sit this one out. and then I don't waste my vote" How does that even make sense?

First if you believe in something you should be hitting the pavement to let people know you give a damn. Second if you sit this one out and the candidate you believe in lose by such a slim margin, won't you feel like a major idiot? IF not you should
And Third what is this mess about wasting your vote? Did I miss the memo about a limit on how many votes one person can have in their lifetime?

I say all of this to let you know the excuses are not working, you have a duty to go out and vote. The people you vote for, and eventually elect ESPECIALLY in your local elections should be the politicians that have your best interest at heart. So get up and GO VOTE tomorrow NY and NJ. If not SHUT UP because you made excuses and now you need to live with it. No More Excuses.

Need More info on the elections go here: VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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12kyle said...

good post! you gotta cast your ballot!