Friday, November 13, 2009

Hey you.. .Yeah you Dumbass come here

This morning I got the idea to do a post about the dumbass people I hear about on the news.
Meet Lawrence Demaio.

Old Lawrence decided that it was a great night to go speeding all up and through Long Island when a  State Trooper stopped him and gave him a speeding ticket.  Nothing major right? You fight it or you pay the ticket.

Well Lawrence was highly upset about this ticket and decided that he would give that cop a piece of his mind (which he really doesn't have to spare) so he came up with this GENIUS PLAN.  He called the Trooper's mother and told her that her son had been in a horrible car crash and was at Mercy Hospital.
HA what a laugh right? NO its cruel and probably the dumbest thing you've ever heard, but the story gets better. Mr. Dumbass made the call from his own phone and the investigators were able to trace it back to him and arrest him.

So for that Lawrence Dumbass Demaio it is with great pleasure that I tell you this

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