Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random 'Ish

Tons of thoughts running through my mind, and I need to share:

My birthday is almost here and besides rounding up all my blog buddies and doing Karaoke I don't have it all planned out....SO NOT ME

I am tired of this house process. I know its a deal and all but GOT DAMN can I get a break and be done with this mess already.

I said it on Twitter I'll say it again, I am not happy about Morgan Freeman playing Mandela and even more upset that bkbuttafly told me Winnie is being played by J.Hud. WTF people?

This morning a transit worker mouthed to me "You're the One".I laughed but was flattered.

I HATE THE U/S. SENATE! I mean hate hate hate.

I get that the Republican'ts dislike President Obama, Universal Healthcare blah blah but what is wrong with the Dems and this need to filibuster Universal Healthcare and the public option. I hate you! (yes Ms. P I am going to write, but this thing has taken a new turn)

37 charges of ethical violations Senator Sanford? I foresee a dumbass award in your future. Guess his rising star has sunk FAST.

These damn politicians should have learned one thing from former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick don't use the publics money for your escapades.

Last Night when J-lo bust her ass I laughed so hard I started coughing, today I saw a woman do the same thing. It was equally as funny.

CJ had a real scrimmage match this past Saturday. It was HILARIOUS.

And yes I'm officially a soccer mom. Not the mini-van driving, Laura Ashley type. More like Claire Huxtable when Rudy joins the football team.

Now that my logo is coming along, its time to find some cool saying to put on the t-shirts.

Someone needs to come over and paint my house once we close. I pay in fabulous meals and I'll even let you sleep over...

What food isn't enough?Clearly you haven't had my pancakes FROM SCRATCH,ask about me!

I need a new camera. I think I want the Nikon touch. DAMN Ashton and those commercials.

Did I mention how much of a snooze the AMA's were? And how awful Rihanna's performance was? Well now I have.

I should be watching the news but instead I'm watching Chef Academy. I love cooking shows!

Besides the News in NY is all shoot 'em up (thanks to the Bronx) and that is just depressing.

Toddlers are just plain old crazy. Crying and falling out to laughing hysterically in 50seconds flat.

Is this suppose to be funny? I swear the Conservatives are high and just sitting around thinking "you know what would be funny?" and then they put out these crazy things:

Please pay attention that the same Black guy is being featured over and over again. Just plain old crazy.
And yes this will be released straight to DVD on Thursday.


12kyle said...

Love the randomness...

I agree about Morgan Freeman playing Mandela. When I see him, I think about him and that lil gurl.

Paint? Sheeeyyyyyt! LoL

Hurry up and close so we can come to the house warming party! LoL

The Jaded NYer said...

I love that Cosby Show clip... even funnier is at the end when she's asking all the football questions HA! Reminds me of last night's show LOL

That Mandela movie looks WRONG on so many levels!

Let me know when to send my Malaysian workers over to paint the house. Have the Cheese Doodles and Pineapple soda ready LMAO!