Monday, November 30, 2009

Twitter Faux Pas

This week I had some slack behavior running all up and through my timeline. I was kind of annoyed and thought about un-following some folks, but then decided that more times than not these people are funny. So I thought I'd just put them here and move on:

  • 18 different hashtags in one tweet. Can we say over board? You only get 140 characters use them. The only time it doesn't bother me is when Elon James does it. 
  • Twitter beef. Really you are arguing over twitter? You might want to get a life. 
  • Tweeting about your sex life... Is nothing sacred? I'm no prude but I damn sure don't want to know the blow by blow of your sex life
  • Sex-tweeting? Yesterday I was scrolling through reading why folks were thankful and one person had re-tweeted a Cum shot and then another had put a pic of her boobs. I keep my tweets private so the online porn stars can't blind me with this mess. So if you're following me and this is your steez, please make one of your to do list items to UNFOLLOW ME. 
  • Live-tweeting the actual plot of a newly released movie. This shit will get you unfollowed.
  • Threats of unfollowing people. Just go the F$%K on with it already. 
  • Trying to sell me something,. I don't care if another social network has a business plan but Twitter does not and clearly you don't either because you're on TWITTER
To quote IamDollface, "Some of ya'll need to get your DM game up".


Eb the Celeb said...

does tweeting about a lack of sex life count??? lol

anywho... i loooves the new lay out trick!

and take this stupid dumb word verification mess off.. so 2000 and late!

The Jaded NYer said...

Why you hatin on my Twitter boob shots? #SoRude #CantStandThisHeifer


Bangs and a Bun said...

There should be some Twitter etiquette in place.

I'm with you on the sex tweets. Gross on every level. No one needs to hear, see or know about that shit. Ugh.

My pet hate right now is the trending topics. I had people in my time line who seemed to spend their days trying to create TTs. Frikkin' lame as all hell. Every single tweet was trying to get people on board with their dumb TT. I got militant and just unfollowed those fools. As soon as I said I was gonna do it, some of them unfollowed me as a kind of preemptive strike I guess.

The F$%K it List said...

@Eb I had to put the word verification on so the stupid Chinese Spammers would leave me alone.

@Jaded You know when you come back I'm going to act a fool on your site.

@Bangs I might have to go militant on the people that are talking about sex all damn day. If you have to talk about it all day in the virtual world then clearly you are not getting any