Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Open Letter

Dear Mariah,

Has it really come to this? I've tried to leave it to the other Bloggers to help you but nothing seems to be seeping into your wavy curls and head. You are a really good singer, unlike 90% of the talentless hacks on the scene. So why MARIAH are you doing crapola songs (have you really listened to the lyrics to Obsessed), wearing butterfly and rainbow jewelry, and mini cut-off jean skirts and skin tight pants? You're not a child anymore. It's not helping you sell records anymore or less, its not how you got your boy toy, husband so can you please explain? I was reading Papers magazine on the train when I was assaulted by this:

Mimi, if you haven't guessed it those are your boobs and I don't understand why they are featured in a magazine that is not King or some other probably defunct T&A Magazine. I mean really! I just came to respect you again for your portrayal of a social worker in "Precious", sure I clowned your mustache but I know you did it for the part. But this is just ridiculous. It's time for you to start acting your age Mrs.Cannon, Sexy doesn't stop and end at mid-drifts and 25. I hope you really get to thinking about this,I'd hate to have to ask White Jesus to intervene.


The F$%K it List

a fan from when you wore turtlenecks and relied on your talents.

P.S.What would O.D.B say,Think about it MiMi


The Jaded NYer said...

I don't really see anything wrong with this photo...

*hides magazine spread of MY breasts from the May 2004 issue of Juggs Magazine*

Smarty Jones said...

LMAO!!! While the rest of us are trying desperately to hide our "blessings" you two fools got 'em all out in the open! *smh*

rashida said...

Mimi has always been one that I like to hear, but hate to see. Once I've seen a video for one of her songs, that song is ruined for me. I avoid her image like the plague.

12kyle said...

Me and Mariah go back like babies and pacifiers! LOL