Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random Ish from the Vacation Sofa

Today is my first day of vacation, a real vacation. No checking emails, voicemail nothing. So why am I freaking out?

Today I will eat all the foods that are bad for me.....O.K maybe not all of them.

Wait I guess I already failed at the last one because I had a fruit salad

Why is it that when white artist want to sound more soulful they find a black church choir (I see you Rob Thomas)

Princess and the Frog: To See or Not to see

Alvin and The Chipmunks: NOT TO SEE.I mean really little Chippettes singing "Single Ladies"  I will not promote that BS in my family.

Is it really Christmas already? Where has the last 6 months gone.  I don't even really remember the summer.
So in 2009 the only way to get a hit song was to have on a leotard or add Lil Wayne to your song (or if he was rocking out in a prison cell, Drake)?

I quit music for the reasons above.

Being a Mom is pretty awesome, for those of you not so lucky I lend CJ out every other Monday and Wed.

The First day of vacation should be celebrated at IHOP in Babylon (translation downtown Brooklyn)

Why can't the Senate get it right,  UHC is a necessity not a luxury!

You know what is a luxury your comfy Senate positions! The Bronx and Queens had better act like they have some damn sense and get rid of those awful Senators in the next election.

Did I already say I quit Music? Yeah I did but then I saw the Shakira video feat.Lil Wayne. Leotards and Lil Wayne. GREAT

Why can't I shake my feeling of STRONG Like for 50 cent? I actually watch Get Rich or Die trying at 12am. Getting soft in my old age.

If you follow me on twitter, this blog, comments on other people blogs, or just down the street you need to know that I've reinstated the Shaharazad Ali Open handed slap to the mouth.   A list of ways you can receive one will be posted shortly.

In another heated A.Keys is a home wrecked discussion, someone asked can you blame Swizz Beatz for wanting to be with Alicia Keys? Uhh no, but I can blame her for having no standards, he's GROSS

he's on my list of  celebs that scare me, add to that Marc Anthony, Lloyd Banks oh the list goes on and on.

I'm going to really bring back old school slang now. I've been all over it on twitter.

*** ah what a relief,  I feel a lot lighter now, I'm off to play in the stores! ****


clnmike said...

"Chippettes singing "Single Ladies" "

Lol, I thought that was cute.

And I could of sworn A. Keys was gay?

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Well clnmike, I'm pretty sure A. Keys is bi...

Anyway your critique of music pretty much sums it up right now, whatever happened to pants and actual vocal ability? Ah the good old days!

Aint been to Ihop in a min, mmm rooty tooty fresh and fruity!

LOL at your critique of Swizz Beats, he does look a bit emaciated...like a recovering crack addict, I'm convinced A.Keys dips in the sugar bowl every once in awhile cuz she is TOO pretty to be with the men I have seen her with. That crucial keys guy? Looked like a damn teddy graham ugh!