Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiger Wood ya'll its all Good Ya'll

Do you all remember that song? Well I bet Mr. Woods wishes it was all good right now.In the last two weeks we've watched as Tiger went from Super Clean "Guess Whose coming to Dinner" dream man to The Mandingo white girl slayer. When the first report broke that Tiger had been in an accident and it may have had to do with an affair, I turned to the Mr. and said "may have? he's cheating and she found out and watch how fast this hits him, its going to be like OJ", he said I was crazy because Elin Woods was alive. He totally missed my point... I was trying to tell him that the media was going to villanize Tiger because he was no longer the safe Caublasian everyone knew and loved.
I don't need to rehash the seedy details of what has happen because just like me you've been inundated with the whole messy tale of Tiger's crash, scratches, his affair denial, then apology, and the women that crawled out from under their rocks for their 15minute of fame . Look I won't deny that Tiger was DEAD ASS wrong for having multiple affairs, he's hurt his family and this will be part of his punishment. The women that are involved in this scandal are just as wrong. The media is portraying them as victims, like they just couln't resist his sexual powers (BWHAHAHA, that makes me giggle) and that is wrong. These women knew he was married but they chose to take on the role of hoes,so the only sympathy they get from me is for their self-respect. Because once that's gone you can rarely get it back...look at Monica Lewinski.

But what has really irked me during the last few days is how the media has gone on this rabid dog rampage (and even Tiger's apology) covering this. An affair is not a matter of national security, Like I don't know....... the WAR being fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the 30,000 troops about to be sent over to fight this senseless war IT'S an AFFAIR (or 10). News channels are devoting several segments to analyze the women he's slept with, why he would cheat and  reports that his endorsements are in jeopardy(Gatorade dropped him today even though they said the decision was made months ago,yeah right). Then Tiger made a public apology,uhm did he cheat on me?NO! Tiger Woods doesn't owe the public apology because he couldn't take his mind off his peen while on the road. I'm a not a fan of him , he's always striked me as weird and socially inept but if he was some how caught cheating at his profession I might give him a mean *SIDE EYE*, but cheating on  his wife and children not my problem.  At first I was baffled by the amount of coverage this was getting until I thought about it, This country thrives on the destruction of other peoples images.We see it all the time! We put so much energy into putting these celebritie on a pedistal we forget they are regular human beings and his misery equals to our happiness.

Clearly with all this coverage his legacy will be tarnished, and that's a shame because his effect on the sport is way more important than this foolishness in his personal life. Tiger Woods gave children of color a new outlook on a game that normally would not have them, and this is very important.

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MzInspiredMind81 said...

You hit the nail on the head. I wish more of these celebrities would realize the impact they have on not only their families but on the rest of the world. Tiger showed 'whitebread America' that 'we' too had a place in the golf world and then does this type of foolishness. This just once again plays into so many of the stereotypes that are had about black america.