Friday, January 29, 2010

Open Letter

Dear PETA,
I'm usually the kind of lady that keeps my opinions about personal beliefs to myself (unless you're a Christian scientist then the gloves come off) but with your latest antics I thought I needed to reach out and see what's going on with you Boo-boo.

This last week I've watched one of your fanatic followers smack someone in the face with a pie
and now you're going after Punxsutawney Phil and his handlers?
  Why? This is just a groundhog doing groundhog thangs, eating, getting fat and alerting me that my bubble goose is going to be getting more use. I mean really what's the harm in that? Your claims that he's being abused came from where? Did he call you and say "yo PETA, all this weather predicting is wack, help me out" NO he's chilling. I mean look he could be kicking it with other ground hogs but according to his owners he's being treated better than some kids in PA (yeah I'm going to need them to clean that up too). Who wants the cold and dirt when you can have fresh grub and Spongebob....EXACTLY.

So listen why don't you leave the Hicks and their pet rat alone? If you need to harass someone look at all the celebs running around with dead animals on their backs at least Punxsutawney Phil is alive.. I'm just saying. Or better yet why don't you take some of your $$ and fanatics and go help people, real live people that are in need. You know like people in Haiti, you have heard about that right? I'm just sayin...

Anyway, let me put on my mink coat, snake skin boots and alligator purse and get out of here. I'm having dinner at a steak house, don't worry I'm having the chicken.

PEACE and. Love,

The F$%K it List
Oh yeah Kelis says hi. I saw she had some choice words for you.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Top reasons I rock as a Mom

Have you ever seen a new mom, old mom, just any mom looking like this:
well not like a cat, but hair and stuff you know what I mean!
or how about this:

Well Save that drama for your Momma (who should have taught you better). I stay done up, hair, makeup, heels having a child is no reason to start looking a hot mess. So here are the top ten things that keep me rocking out like the Star I am:

* My Mommy bag. Yes its big, but its stylish and holds everything your little heart can desire. Today I had broccoli for lunch. You wouldn't know though because I had dental floss, and gum just in case. My mommy bag ROCKS OUT.

*YOGA. Who has time for baby fat, especially when my son is no ones baby anymore. so I work out and that keeps me young and Fab! YES you heard it hear FAB!

*When he moves I move. CJ is the best fountain of youth a woman could have. He's full of energy, and sweet smiles that make you want to do things with him even when all you want to pass the hell out

*My Friends, So many women move on to this new phase of their lives motherhood, marriage and think that they have to run in new circles. Not me! I still hang with my single, childless friends and though I can't do everything I still gets it in!

* My style. I was never a trendy girl, Always preferred the classic look and that helps keep me looking fresh and young.

* I can still get to places on time, baby in tow. This is not an easy task PLEASE Believe!

* I actually care about every part of my son's development. Now that he's on his way to "Big Boy" school (as he calls it) I plan to be all up and through that school so he knows that Momma don't play. Remember that scene in  Glory Road where the Mom is sitting in the class.. No? Well here it its: skip to 1:28

Yeah that's going to be me!

*Mr. F$%K it List, Yes I have to give a shout out to my other half. He's in love with his son and as of late those two are like best friends. So when he's up to it, and they roll out its MOMMY free time. I can get the simplest of things done, or just take a nap. He never asks why I decided to sleep, he gets it.  I'm kind of a lucky Lady!

* My mom rocked, so the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. My mom can be a pain in the ass sometimes but I know she cares and would lay her life on the line for me (and my sisters). She's my role model for Parenting successfully. I mean look at me

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So that's what's hot in the streets.....

I'm so over all these little teeny bopper children floating around NYC looking like (insert singer/rappers) name. I get it everyone wants to be Rihanna. What I don't get is why ? She's a boring, carbon copy, lackluster talent at best but I guess that's what's hot on the street. Sure she's the fashion world's pet right, and she's stylish but that is all image designed by someone her people hired. Look at Beyonce you can always tell when she has put her own outfit together and is caught on the street, hot pieces in a mish mosh of non-fashion sense. Let me say three words....  House of Dereon?

This morning I overheard two teen girls talking about who was more of a Barbie? Now I know I told people to leave that mess in 2009 but just in case the children missed it. WHAT IN THE PLASTIC LARGE BOOBED HELL is wrong with you.Oh wait I forgot this generation thinks its OK to follow talentless hack, so their drinking from the Kool Aid springs of  Nicky Minjah! Yum Tasty.

When I was a teen I didn't have time for this mess, because ya'll know Patsy didn't play that mess.  I admired some artists for their talents and it made me want to be a star in my own world. But I never wanted to be McLyte (well with the exception of the  Paper Thin Video). Maybe its the fact that the artist I did admire were neighborhood people and came through all the time, they weren't untouchables.  Now in this oversexed, I'm a celebrity, reality TV show time its not the same.

So what's the disconnect here?  Is it because the teens of today are raised by younger parents? Is it because they are kids and this too shall pass ?  Do kids need to be in school more, less TV, more extra-curricular activities. What?

I wonder sometime will I look at CJ at 13-14 and wonder where did we go wrong? Nah because I will knock him down if I ever see him in the street acting up. Hmph.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Everything I know I learned......from a dude in a Champion sweater.....

FALSE! I learned some things but they were things I'd rather not know, now let me fill you in about my birthday party.
I had a BALL all my girls came out and danced, drank and acted the damn fool. The environment was AWESOME and I got to meet my twitter homie Rashida.She's major cool and I have the pics to prove it hahaha. At one point in the night I sent a BBM to Smarty saying "how are they going to put the Black people in the Elvis room?" HA I was a little drunk when we realized it was Elvis on the beads, see for yourself:
and I'm such a child because I couldn't stop singing  Public Enemy "Elvis was a hero to most" HAHAHA. For some reason everyone in the damn bar thought they needed to be in the private area I reserved and so a few arguments were had. One dude even told me he knew the owner...uhm yeah that's good homeboy but you're still not coming in. I saw his little bitch ass go to the owner too and she shook her head No, so IN YOUR FACE little African dude. Ha he had to dance with his goose on all night sucka. Oooh did I mention I have a new friend, Hey Pepper! He's fun, fun and FABULOUS! I've decided to share his fabulousness with The Jaded Nyer and Shelly Shell. I can't even get into the hipsters and their love for all my friends. One even bought me a drink and kissed me on the cheek.

The fun finally came to an end around 4ish and we were all rolling out in Shelly Shell's car, this is where the lessons of pure ignorance began. We come out the bar and there is a dude in red Champion sweatshirt blasting music, Uhm yeah I did mention it was 4am right? So we get in the car and no one is paying this dude or his tiny side kick any attention. Yet here goes red champion acting the damn fool, telling us to leave and not to hit his little old car with the Hi Hater license plate. YES I said Hi Hater he had the nerve to pay extra for that mess, PSSHHH he was a LAME if ever there was one, nobody was hating on him. Anyway here are the things I learned from dumb ass as he ranted and raved about what kind of birds we were:

And just for the Mutha-Fing record the only bird up in the place was him and his Homo-thug vibe (thanks V for pointing that out)

*if you have a car and its paid for but its not new you're a bird

*4 people in a 5 seater = mad tight

*pickup line of the night: You have a really pretty nose...for real is that what's hot on the street?

* Government jobs at $70k is the business, especially when you spend the entire night talking about how you just got out of Rikers (uhmn yeah someone needs to call Obama about that)

* Marrying a woman on the come up makes you fly and on the come up too. So basically her college degree is shared because you don't have one but she does. Who knew?

*Showing a bunch of women who have no interest in you, your pawn shop wedding ring is a way to make them feel bad. hmmm not really

*Red Champions are the shhhhiiiiittttt

*Hennesy is not your friend.

*A real woman doesn't speak to men that are insulting her. She is suppose to just take it and not say a word.

*svedka cheap ass vodka is not your friend

 * having your seat belt is on...Corny. Its much cooler to have an accident and get propelled out the window.

*A group of women have to be out looking for ballers, enjoying a night out is just not enough. A mission must be had.

*And lastly, most importantly and a direct quote "Don't waste your time on these FEMALES, because if you're on the Island she's not going to hold you down." YES People the 4 of us, who really just wanted to get some food and get into bed were not going to hold married/homo-thug dude down  if ever he returned to Rikers so we were not worthy!

If all of these insults fail, just kick the car because that's the manly way. I was so embarrassed for that lose ass dude, but when he kicked Shelly's car and she went to clock him upside his head I knew we had no other choice but to call the police. And we did and left, only to be harassed by a different set of dudes at the sandwich shop. I love BK but I remember now why I don't stay out past a certain time of night! At least not without the Mr.

on a side note I tell the Mr. the entire story at 5:30am and his response was "Oh so I would have had to kick some dude in the head for kicking Michelle's car, its a good thing I stayed home". See if I had been in the wrong he would have told me..... he even said calling the police was the best idea *faints*


Monday, January 18, 2010

Everybody in the place .........Sing Celebrate

I'm sure tons of you have gotten invitations to come out to party and celebrate Martin Luther Kings birthday, but uhmm yeah I'm going to need ya'll to Pause.......  Yes this Monday is an official day off from work but its not so you can go out and get drunk, act the fool and stay in the bed late.

Today you should be honoring the dream, go to the a museum, take your child to the library and teach him/her about the dream MLK Jr. had for us,Volunteer, do something!  If you chose to stay home, then turn off B.E.T and instead pack up old clothes, canned goods and go donate it to Haitian Earthquake relief JUST DO SOMETHING!
Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.

*ahh remember when artist did music like this*

Thursday, January 14, 2010

GTFOH of the week

When I started this post it was all about that idiot Michael Erick Dyson, and his need to always talk a whole lot of nothing. Dry your tears and don't fret I will have my say on him soon. So I'm sure you're wondering what prompted me giving Soul Glow Dyson a break, well Pat Robertson of course.

Yesterday January 12, 2010 Haiti was struck by an incredibly devastating earthquake (7.0 magnitude earthquake,with after shocks still occurring at high levels as I type this) which has already takeout too many lives, destroyed the capital city Port-au-Prince and left so many in shock and awe. Immediately Nations reacted and began to send Aid, media, Twitter is a blaze on how you can help, $5 here, $10 there. All I could think about last night was my very close friend Caroline who has lived in Haiti her entire life, not to mention my other friends whose  parents, uncles, siblings, cousins are still in Haiti and they had no idea where their loved ones were. I didn't see the news coverage last night but this morning I woke up to the fires, the debris, the dead bodies and all I could do was shed a tear and pray. And then I turned to MSNBC and they were talking about Pat Robertson, I have to admit I was only half paying attention but I heard him say "That we need to pray for the people of Haiti for a great turning to God"  I just dismissed as crazy talk until I had a chance to Google it and then I was pissed!!!!!
Watch it here:

HOW DARE HE! How dare he even fix his mouth to say that Haitians are cursed because their ancestors SLAVES made a pact with the devil to be freed from bondage. Am I missing something, like Slavery was good and so in order to want to be free from rape, beatings, separation from your family you have to be a devil worshipper.... Are you kidding me? Where did he get this information, clearly not a history book.

Is this based off his limited knowledge on Voodoo? No this is based off his crazy Christian Zealot mentality. In their minds God is vengeful and is punishing the people of  {insert country/state} for their bad Un-Christian like behavior. Funny thing though why is it this vengeful God ALWAYS seems to be directing his wrath at brown skinned people (oh yes and Gays, ya'll may as well start checking Negro on the census box). Why is God so angry at the people that are clearly oppressed Pat huh? Seems to me that he would be a tad angrier with white folks since you are the ones that ravage nations, enslave people, destroy countries at the flick of a pen, oppress, oppress oppress!

And for that Pat Robertson you get the GTFOH award of the week. You're rhetoric and hateful speak has ruined for many what being a Christian should mean. I believe its high time you all came up with another name for yourselves, because I'm pretty sure hate mongering is why Jesus continues to weep!

Since  I'm already talking about it......
Haiti's history is full of beauty and strength, the first free Nation governed by Blacks. The Haitian revolt set into motion the freedom of slaves in what we know as the Dominican Republic, is the template by which the American and British slave revolutions (YES American Slaves revolted, and not just Nat Turner. Slaves didn't just sit around taking the abuse) were formed., and aided in the Louisiana purchase. This is the legacy that no one speaks of and many don't know. I was lucky enough to learn these things in public school. I saw countless stories that spoke of the illiteracy rate in Haiti, well if the illiteracy rate is important enough at this moment in time, then why not the history of the nation as a whole. Let's really discuss exactly how this country went from one of the riches to the poorest Nation in the Caribbean.

In Honor of my friends that are still searching for loved ones, and shedding tears for your beloved Haiti Remember your legacy:

For our country,
For our forefathers,
United let us march.
Let there be no traitors in our ranks!
Let us be masters of our soil.
United let us march
For our country,
For our forefathers.
For our forebears,
For our country
Let us toil joyfully.
May the fields be fertile
And our souls take courage.
Let us toil joyfully
For our forebears,
For our country.
For our country
And for our forefathers,
Let us train our sons.
Free, strong, and prosperous,
We shall always be as brothers.
Let us train our sons
For our country
And for our forefathers.
For our forebears,
For our country,
Oh God of the valiant!
Take our rights and our life
Under your infinite protection,
Oh God of the valiant!
For our forebears,
For our country.
For the flag,
For our country
To die is a fine thing!
Our past cries out to us:
Have a strong soul!
To die is a fine thing,
For the flag,
For our country

Monday, January 11, 2010

And the Winner(s) Are

1. GTFOH Awards (2 votes)
2. Allow me 5 minutes on my soapbox(2 votes, even though Smarty cheated)
3. Tainted Music (1 vote)
4. Behold a Lady (1 vote )
3 and 4 will be done in the order that they come to me, but they are both equally as important.

But before I start I need to get this off my chest:

As you all know my 35th Birthday is Tuesday, YES 3-mother-fing 5 SON! and well I've been thinking about friendships. In the last 3 years I've been blessed to increase my circle of trust by adding new friends and equally as blessed to shed some dead weight friendships, for that I am thankful. I've also learned that it does not matter how many years we've known each other it really just matters what we put into the friendship at the time.

I had a conversation with one of my girls recently and I realized that even though its been months since we've seen each other, this chick is RIDE OR DIE and I love her for that. We started chatting about friendships and we both agree so many women these days have no clue what that term even means.

It doesn't mean that I'm going to take sides when something goes wrong, it means that if we are friends, you don't have to wonder. But if you do, open your damn mouth and ask!

It doesn't mean that you if you are going through some sh$t you have to be the right to be a shitty to me and not expect me to check you on it. 

It doesn't mean that you should EVER be in Competition with me.

But it does mean:

That if you are going through some sh$T and you call me I'm going to drop EVERYTHING to make sure you're alright. AND I EXPECT the same from you.

There is NOT a  NO Speaking rule, take your time get yourself together and I will too but in the end if we are real friends I'm gonna call you even if you don't call me.

So many women lose track of what it means to be a real friend for one reason or another, whether it be a man, work, depression but if you treat your friends properly the chance of you being down and out about any of those things become slimmer.

I had a harder than usual 4 months at the end of 2009 but I didn't bitch and moan I spoke to friends. And through my real friends, the ones that know every detail I've gotten stronger. I know the people I trusted to share with are not running around chatting behind my back, I also know that some of them are armed and ready to take down the people that wronged me. That's what a ride or die will do.

*rant over*

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Annual M.E.B.P awards is sponsored by

Ladies and Gents Welcome to the Annual "Most Embarrassing Black People" awards. Last year our Broadcast was preempted by Baby Boy, (Thanks B.E.T) but we're back in full effect.
*Is Brooklyn in the House???*

Now some of you may have forgotten what we do here so I'm going to refresh your memory. Each year in January we countdown all the dumbass Black people that opened up the doors for the others to raise an eyebrow at us or made us want to turn our Black card in.  This is a high class event so  there will be no performances (unless Ghostface is here shirt less...wait I'm acting like part of the problem), no skits and No thanking God when you know your packing a nine under that jacket FOR SHAME.

Now let's give out some awards Son!

* Tiger woods - you may consider yourself a Caublasian but when you started out on the circuit I recall a golfer asking if thei club should start serving Collards and watermelon so deal Negro. So if you haven't already hear T to the I to the G to the ER is a PIIMPPPP or so he thought. I don't care one way or another that he cheated on his family but uhhh Tiger really on Christmas day the count was up to 19 women, and this morning on GMA they said you've spent upwards of 60K in hush money. That translates into Trick bruh!

*Chris "Ike Turner" Brown: You all know what he did! He beat Rihanna to a bloody pulp,apologized and wore that God awful bowtie on national TV. I don't know all that happen all I know is that someone forgot to tell lil Chris you don't hit girls.Pull over put her out but NO HITTING! I kind of banned him in my musical life and I hate that I can transform you song (for reasons we can discuss later) but I'm hoping that he learned his lesson.If not I'm sure the monsters at Yo Gabba Gabba can help him, with their song "Hands to yourself"

*Shaquille O'neal Now you know what Shaq I started to love you again (eww not like that).  You and old girl were working it out, you were cracking me up on twitter and then DAMN IT I find out you've been creeping, and not just with any random groupie but with another players fiancee! Dude 1st you know you're too big to be creeping and 2nd what is wrong with you, you have a wife beautiful children and you just want to throw that away? I have to rethink my rekindled love for you.

*Plaxico To be honest I didn't even know who you were until you shot yourself in the leg. You said you carried a weapon for protection, Was that leg trying to harm you? I'm just sayin' even a novice knows to keep the damn safety on. I don't think your sentence was fair (Bloomie used you as an example) this was not the time to be a fool in NY. Anyway I'm sure you'll have tons of pen pals.

*T.I :Boo what happen??? You were at the top of your game, and so you thought making your home into an armory was a good look. I didn't know there was a war being fought  in ATL. TIP you had a damn Bazooka, those are for shooting tanks down not people! I still love you though.

*Jason Williams How do I say this without sounding as crazy as you... We can't see your imaginary friend. So when the cops pulled you over for DWI and you were the only ine in the car you looked well crazy.  You're troubles just won't go away first the shooting now this, maybe you should look into getting some psychological help instead of a bottle of Cognac.

*Michael Steele. Ooh where do I even star with you. Its cool that you're a Republican, you know America and freedom of choice blah blah blah. But why did you let that crazy party make you the token Black figure head? Why did you even take the job? I don't get it, you are representing a party that doesn't try to disguise their hatred for people that look like you. NO? Remember the picture of the white house with watermelons on the lawn? Obama the magic Negro? the Pres Obama food stamps? Shall I go on? C'mon Son! Then this summer you went to Howard University to talk about your party and in front of these educated Black young adults you broke out your best jive talk, I was ashamed for you.
*I guess I better wrap up this because the music is playing in the background* Oh yes and let's not forget the time you compared Stem Cell research to the Holocaust. I guess the Bush Stupidity legacy lives on through you.

* Gilbert Arenas. The Washington team you play for changed their name from the Bullets to the Wizards because of fear of violence, clearly someone forgot to send Gilbert Arena's the damn message. Pulling guns in the  locker room, really dude? You are not Clint Eastwood in Gran Turino, hell he'd have called you a coon for this move. Then instead of laying low, dummy you go tweeting away like aint shit happen, twitter is not your bad boy diary. Now you're suspended indefinitely but I think you just need to be fired. Dumb asses need not work.

* Ron Artest I'll just post the video, I'm not going to talk about this crazy man.

Sports Videos, News, Blogs
This fool majored in Math? See that goes to show you even the mentally insane can do math.
Wait there is MORE:

Sports Videos, News, Blogs
I'm not kidding this guy is crazy. Smarty I'm not going to post your favorite song because this is a classy show!

*Lil Wayne: What can you say about a dreadlock wearing leprechaun?  He was all over the place this year with his sizzurp and styrofoam cups (killing the environment *side eye*). But worse than that he lead an entire generation down the tubes with his music. Examples, how about his performance on the devil station with Drake singing about all the girls he wants to give it to while little girls danced on stage. YESSSSS. OR how about the Youtube video of him talking about getting a blow job at 11 courtesy of his mentor Baby. Oh yes Lil Wayne was indeed a pawn in the devils game of taking down the babies.BTW,Wayne maybe you and Plaxico can be cellmates. Welcome to NEW YORK!

*O.J Simpson: O.J what the F$%K? I mean REALLY, you get off for a murder you know you committed (yeah I said it and you know it)to get sent up the river for something as stupid as a robbery? And then you were like Oh yeah I wasn't armed,I wasn't there. O.J how much did you think white America was going to take...if I didn't know better I'd say you must be related to Tiger, ya'll Caublasians need to stick together.

*R.Kelly: You peed on a girl ( don't lie R, I saw the video, that's YOU), beat the statutory rape charges, made another "he saved me song" and for the most part I forgot about you. Then this year the story comes out that you are writing a book and you are illiterate. Jesus be a hook on phonics DVD. Why did you wait until now to learn how to read? You have all that damn money, but you decided to spend your time getting it in with little girls, maybe you should have had them read you a damn book. Oh the hell I'm not getting into this, you can't read it anyway.

*underwear bomber: Real Name:Umar Farouk Abdul. I don't even know what to say to you! You just made it even harder for every Black men to travel on planes. Don't you think they have enough issues? Now when I look at the facts you lived a silver spoon life so why are you joining the Crips I mean Al Qaeda? I can't have any real sympathy for you because you had it all. I know people that grew up with WAY less than you and have a real reason to resent this country, but they don't go around trying to blow shit up. Your poor parents!

Kanye West: 'Ye what happen to you man?! You've always been a little nutty but you just went off the deep end this year. I know you're Momma passed and you were depressed, who wouldn't be but come on dude you should have gotten some professional help. Not get into a crazy relationship with an ex stripper and turn to the brown juice! TheVMA's had your name on everyone's lips, the President called you a jackass. This is not a good look. I'm happy you finally took a break but get some real help.

*late entry the NAACP: Whose running the show over there these days?Who was the genius that decided that it would be cool to nominate Michael Jackson's Funeral for Best Variety show? Who damn it? I demand a reorganization over there or I will have to stop giving ya'll money (not really but I'm saying).

Honorable Mentions
Mo'nique and that coontastic talk show. I only watched it once and Mr.Baby Wipes Terrence Howard was on that was enough for me not to watch again. That and the fact that Mo'nique has no concept of an inside voice.

Well there were tons more Black People that deserved an open handed smacked to the mouth but the show has come to an end. I'm sure 2010 will bring more foolishness and Embarrasing Black People for next years show so until then.... Love, Peace and SOOOOUUUULLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

*feel free to leave your comments and any other people you think need to be up on stage*

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Loss for words

So in the last few weeks (thanks in part to twitter and my ridiculous need to not repeat myself) I've been at a loss for words. I've started a few post and well they just got stuck in the blogger draft corner. SEE:

I haven't done this in a long time, but I'm leaving it up to you.Go in the comment section and chose which of these I should complete. For the lurkers this is the only chance you'll have to tell me what to do so jump on it. I'm not giving you all any other clues to what these post might be about, you're just gonna have to trust me.

So get to it! Comment away!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Buy Black

I do my best to support the stores in my community, but 9 out of 10 times I run into a few things:
  1. Low quality merchandise
  2. Merchandise I want to purchase is not available
  3. Attitude
Now before you all go off on a tantrum, this does not happen EVERY time I shop black. Now on with the story.

 I braid CJ's hair which is very curly and long, and I always have a hard time getting his hair to stay untangled. After trying many different products and a suggestion from my hair stylist Kiki I started using Jane Carter solutions (for both of us) which was like a miracle cure for the fuzzies. Today I noticed I was out off hair de-tangler and so I took a walk to one of the local hair supply stores. Now there are two stores within walking distance of where I live one Black owned and one Korean owned. So in keeping with the beliefs of Kwanzaa and all that good stuff I decide to patronize the Black owned store.  When I walked in they seem to be already on alert, and when I looked at the condition of the store I wasn't too thrilled and wasn't sure I wanted to go any further than the front door, to see if he had Jane Carter products, the converstion went something like this:

Me: Hi do you carry Jane Carter hair products?
Him: Huh? I don't understand what you are saying. (UH I speak ENGLISH, so what don't you understand)
Me: UH I don't understand you either, is there someone else here.
Him: *head nod to the left* (ATTITUDE)\
Me:  Hi Sir, do you carry Jane Carter hair products
Him2: NO no no more
Me: uhm do you not have it in stock?
Him2: No we don't carry it, there is no demand for it
Me: *looking around store, where I see lace front wigs, and weave glue* I'm sure others have asked for it since you know what I'm talking about.
Him2: No we just don't carry it.
Me: Thank You anyway.

It was freezing out but I decided to walk to the Korean store. LOW AND BEHOLD THERE IT IS! Not only the spray I am looking for, but every single product made by Jane Carter. And the staff was very helpful. When I left the store I thought about the Chris Rock movie "Good Hair" and what the owners of the Black owned companies were saying about losing business to Korean or non-Blacks.  But here is one of the reasons why!
I went to the Black owned store and they barely carried anything that promoted keeping my hair in its natural glory but they had everything under the sun to change me into Beyonce. From bleaching products, nasty old Razac and lacefronts on sale, and for the most part not much more.

The Korean store however had it all, and not because they care about me being all natural and fabulous. But because on some levels they recognize that all BLACK hair is BIG Business. There is something kind of wrong with that.

I don't know maybe I'm just ranting but I was really bothered by this.