Monday, January 18, 2010

Everybody in the place .........Sing Celebrate

I'm sure tons of you have gotten invitations to come out to party and celebrate Martin Luther Kings birthday, but uhmm yeah I'm going to need ya'll to Pause.......  Yes this Monday is an official day off from work but its not so you can go out and get drunk, act the fool and stay in the bed late.

Today you should be honoring the dream, go to the a museum, take your child to the library and teach him/her about the dream MLK Jr. had for us,Volunteer, do something!  If you chose to stay home, then turn off B.E.T and instead pack up old clothes, canned goods and go donate it to Haitian Earthquake relief JUST DO SOMETHING!
Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.

*ahh remember when artist did music like this*

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