Thursday, January 14, 2010

GTFOH of the week

When I started this post it was all about that idiot Michael Erick Dyson, and his need to always talk a whole lot of nothing. Dry your tears and don't fret I will have my say on him soon. So I'm sure you're wondering what prompted me giving Soul Glow Dyson a break, well Pat Robertson of course.

Yesterday January 12, 2010 Haiti was struck by an incredibly devastating earthquake (7.0 magnitude earthquake,with after shocks still occurring at high levels as I type this) which has already takeout too many lives, destroyed the capital city Port-au-Prince and left so many in shock and awe. Immediately Nations reacted and began to send Aid, media, Twitter is a blaze on how you can help, $5 here, $10 there. All I could think about last night was my very close friend Caroline who has lived in Haiti her entire life, not to mention my other friends whose  parents, uncles, siblings, cousins are still in Haiti and they had no idea where their loved ones were. I didn't see the news coverage last night but this morning I woke up to the fires, the debris, the dead bodies and all I could do was shed a tear and pray. And then I turned to MSNBC and they were talking about Pat Robertson, I have to admit I was only half paying attention but I heard him say "That we need to pray for the people of Haiti for a great turning to God"  I just dismissed as crazy talk until I had a chance to Google it and then I was pissed!!!!!
Watch it here:

HOW DARE HE! How dare he even fix his mouth to say that Haitians are cursed because their ancestors SLAVES made a pact with the devil to be freed from bondage. Am I missing something, like Slavery was good and so in order to want to be free from rape, beatings, separation from your family you have to be a devil worshipper.... Are you kidding me? Where did he get this information, clearly not a history book.

Is this based off his limited knowledge on Voodoo? No this is based off his crazy Christian Zealot mentality. In their minds God is vengeful and is punishing the people of  {insert country/state} for their bad Un-Christian like behavior. Funny thing though why is it this vengeful God ALWAYS seems to be directing his wrath at brown skinned people (oh yes and Gays, ya'll may as well start checking Negro on the census box). Why is God so angry at the people that are clearly oppressed Pat huh? Seems to me that he would be a tad angrier with white folks since you are the ones that ravage nations, enslave people, destroy countries at the flick of a pen, oppress, oppress oppress!

And for that Pat Robertson you get the GTFOH award of the week. You're rhetoric and hateful speak has ruined for many what being a Christian should mean. I believe its high time you all came up with another name for yourselves, because I'm pretty sure hate mongering is why Jesus continues to weep!

Since  I'm already talking about it......
Haiti's history is full of beauty and strength, the first free Nation governed by Blacks. The Haitian revolt set into motion the freedom of slaves in what we know as the Dominican Republic, is the template by which the American and British slave revolutions (YES American Slaves revolted, and not just Nat Turner. Slaves didn't just sit around taking the abuse) were formed., and aided in the Louisiana purchase. This is the legacy that no one speaks of and many don't know. I was lucky enough to learn these things in public school. I saw countless stories that spoke of the illiteracy rate in Haiti, well if the illiteracy rate is important enough at this moment in time, then why not the history of the nation as a whole. Let's really discuss exactly how this country went from one of the riches to the poorest Nation in the Caribbean.

In Honor of my friends that are still searching for loved ones, and shedding tears for your beloved Haiti Remember your legacy:

For our country,
For our forefathers,
United let us march.
Let there be no traitors in our ranks!
Let us be masters of our soil.
United let us march
For our country,
For our forefathers.
For our forebears,
For our country
Let us toil joyfully.
May the fields be fertile
And our souls take courage.
Let us toil joyfully
For our forebears,
For our country.
For our country
And for our forefathers,
Let us train our sons.
Free, strong, and prosperous,
We shall always be as brothers.
Let us train our sons
For our country
And for our forefathers.
For our forebears,
For our country,
Oh God of the valiant!
Take our rights and our life
Under your infinite protection,
Oh God of the valiant!
For our forebears,
For our country.
For the flag,
For our country
To die is a fine thing!
Our past cries out to us:
Have a strong soul!
To die is a fine thing,
For the flag,
For our country


The Jaded NYer said...

Wait so Haiti didn't make a pact with the Devil? Pat LIED to me? I don't believe you...

Tyrone said...

well done.

I wonder who is following ole Pat. I'd love to know what world they live in.

Around The Way Girl said...

Thank for not just b*&tching but TEACHING! Love it!