Friday, January 29, 2010

Open Letter

Dear PETA,
I'm usually the kind of lady that keeps my opinions about personal beliefs to myself (unless you're a Christian scientist then the gloves come off) but with your latest antics I thought I needed to reach out and see what's going on with you Boo-boo.

This last week I've watched one of your fanatic followers smack someone in the face with a pie
and now you're going after Punxsutawney Phil and his handlers?
  Why? This is just a groundhog doing groundhog thangs, eating, getting fat and alerting me that my bubble goose is going to be getting more use. I mean really what's the harm in that? Your claims that he's being abused came from where? Did he call you and say "yo PETA, all this weather predicting is wack, help me out" NO he's chilling. I mean look he could be kicking it with other ground hogs but according to his owners he's being treated better than some kids in PA (yeah I'm going to need them to clean that up too). Who wants the cold and dirt when you can have fresh grub and Spongebob....EXACTLY.

So listen why don't you leave the Hicks and their pet rat alone? If you need to harass someone look at all the celebs running around with dead animals on their backs at least Punxsutawney Phil is alive.. I'm just saying. Or better yet why don't you take some of your $$ and fanatics and go help people, real live people that are in need. You know like people in Haiti, you have heard about that right? I'm just sayin...

Anyway, let me put on my mink coat, snake skin boots and alligator purse and get out of here. I'm having dinner at a steak house, don't worry I'm having the chicken.

PEACE and. Love,

The F$%K it List
Oh yeah Kelis says hi. I saw she had some choice words for you.

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Smarty P. Jones said...

Yea, um, you're on their Animal Terrorist watch list. I'm so mad at "doing groundhog thangs."
I will NEVER quit you!