Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So that's what's hot in the streets.....

I'm so over all these little teeny bopper children floating around NYC looking like (insert singer/rappers) name. I get it everyone wants to be Rihanna. What I don't get is why ? She's a boring, carbon copy, lackluster talent at best but I guess that's what's hot on the street. Sure she's the fashion world's pet right, and she's stylish but that is all image designed by someone her people hired. Look at Beyonce you can always tell when she has put her own outfit together and is caught on the street, hot pieces in a mish mosh of non-fashion sense. Let me say three words....  House of Dereon?

This morning I overheard two teen girls talking about who was more of a Barbie? Now I know I told people to leave that mess in 2009 but just in case the children missed it. WHAT IN THE PLASTIC LARGE BOOBED HELL is wrong with you.Oh wait I forgot this generation thinks its OK to follow talentless hack, so their drinking from the Kool Aid springs of  Nicky Minjah! Yum Tasty.

When I was a teen I didn't have time for this mess, because ya'll know Patsy didn't play that mess.  I admired some artists for their talents and it made me want to be a star in my own world. But I never wanted to be McLyte (well with the exception of the  Paper Thin Video). Maybe its the fact that the artist I did admire were neighborhood people and came through all the time, they weren't untouchables.  Now in this oversexed, I'm a celebrity, reality TV show time its not the same.

So what's the disconnect here?  Is it because the teens of today are raised by younger parents? Is it because they are kids and this too shall pass ?  Do kids need to be in school more, less TV, more extra-curricular activities. What?

I wonder sometime will I look at CJ at 13-14 and wonder where did we go wrong? Nah because I will knock him down if I ever see him in the street acting up. Hmph.


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

I think it's a combo of the things you mention with a sprinkling of a myriad of additional issues. I now understand how my parents thought our generation had lost our ever-loving minds, but this new stuff is on a totally different level.

The Jaded NYer said...

ahhh- just blame the parents, that's what I always do! lol

dejanae said...

that barbie shit is the worse
sometimes i just look at these kids n shake my head
i atleast had some typa sense at their age

Smarty P. Jones said...

Today's kids are the first generation of crack babies. Do you need any further explanation?