Thursday, January 28, 2010

Top reasons I rock as a Mom

Have you ever seen a new mom, old mom, just any mom looking like this:
well not like a cat, but hair and stuff you know what I mean!
or how about this:

Well Save that drama for your Momma (who should have taught you better). I stay done up, hair, makeup, heels having a child is no reason to start looking a hot mess. So here are the top ten things that keep me rocking out like the Star I am:

* My Mommy bag. Yes its big, but its stylish and holds everything your little heart can desire. Today I had broccoli for lunch. You wouldn't know though because I had dental floss, and gum just in case. My mommy bag ROCKS OUT.

*YOGA. Who has time for baby fat, especially when my son is no ones baby anymore. so I work out and that keeps me young and Fab! YES you heard it hear FAB!

*When he moves I move. CJ is the best fountain of youth a woman could have. He's full of energy, and sweet smiles that make you want to do things with him even when all you want to pass the hell out

*My Friends, So many women move on to this new phase of their lives motherhood, marriage and think that they have to run in new circles. Not me! I still hang with my single, childless friends and though I can't do everything I still gets it in!

* My style. I was never a trendy girl, Always preferred the classic look and that helps keep me looking fresh and young.

* I can still get to places on time, baby in tow. This is not an easy task PLEASE Believe!

* I actually care about every part of my son's development. Now that he's on his way to "Big Boy" school (as he calls it) I plan to be all up and through that school so he knows that Momma don't play. Remember that scene in  Glory Road where the Mom is sitting in the class.. No? Well here it its: skip to 1:28

Yeah that's going to be me!

*Mr. F$%K it List, Yes I have to give a shout out to my other half. He's in love with his son and as of late those two are like best friends. So when he's up to it, and they roll out its MOMMY free time. I can get the simplest of things done, or just take a nap. He never asks why I decided to sleep, he gets it.  I'm kind of a lucky Lady!

* My mom rocked, so the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. My mom can be a pain in the ass sometimes but I know she cares and would lay her life on the line for me (and my sisters). She's my role model for Parenting successfully. I mean look at me


MzInspiredMind81 said...

I totally agree with you. I refuse to let myself go just b/c I'm now "Ryann and Donaven's mom". It's important to still be "Sam" and part of that is keeping my outward appearance up like I did BC(before children) and still doing activities I like to do.

Mizrepresent said...

All good reasons an examples to be that "SuperMOM". I hear you lady, i am there w/u, believe me there will be many more trials to come...but i can already see you have laid the most important plans in place and i don't see you not succeeding at all. Kids are our best assets and the very best example of how we live, love and give.