Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Allow me 5 minutes on my soapbox: Kids edition

I watched this video on one of the blogs I frequently visit ("A Belle in Brooklyn") after an amazing conversation on Monday Musings with The Jaded Nyer, Brother Omi, 12Kyle and Smarty Jones about the state of Marriage/relationships I was saddened to see these women instill in their young daughters a gold-diggers mentality. Take a look at it:

I have a son and I encourage him to speak to all little kids, I want him to develop socially like his mom (Dad tends to be a hermit). I want him to see girls as his friends first, but if other mom's are teaching their daughters to treat him like a trick at an early age, these moms are going to have a problem with me!! I can just see CJ coming home and telling me that ABC girl told him she needed him to give her a cookie or she wouldn't speak to him. CHILLLLLEEEEEEEEE I'd go off, and then go down to the school...wait let me regroup here.

Is this how we're raising our kids now? To pimp themselves out as early as SEVEN! Teaching your children to value others for what they have (money, high power careers) is a direct path to the town of low self esteem. I know we all joke about marrying up, or marrying older richer men but to we're grown (and silly) the problem with this is that these woman are teaching kids to think of themselves as a commodity. Could this be the lesson some of the hoes we know were taught and that's why they are in the places they're in right now. I don't know, I just know its disturbing to say the least.

 I have to wonder how they find these people and more importantly if you are teaching your daughter's this ignorant mess, why drag them on national TV? I guess some of them see it as a launch for other opportunities, because the girls are super cute but all I can see is how messed up their futures will be if their Mothers don't stop poisoning their minds. Its evident by the grown ass woman on the stage with them that says she'd marry for money ONLY again.


Genius Deferred said...

First, being angry after watching Tyra is your own punishment! LOL. Let's talk about the self-esteem of the women on that panel with TERRIBLE WEAVES, wait, no. Let's not. Let's be honest here, this is nothing new, it's just a bit more "out there" than most feel comfortable with. Most women are looking for men that can afford them a "comfortable life", and most women would encourage their daughters not to "fall in love" if it means she'll be out on the streets and living in poverty. Also, it's interesting to note that most of those little girls don't seem to have fathers nearby, and that's going to hurt them even more than the "poor mothering" they appear to be getting. SMH.

Lady K said...

I can't and won't bring myself to watch Tyra because these talk show host don't do nothing but stir up mess to talk about.

Secondly, if this is going on (what am I saying it is going on) then I think we should stop complaining about men being the issue and start blaming some of the women for the reasons why men are! This is just ludicrous. I'm tired of the whole use what you got to get what you want mentality! It degrades the women population who don't think this way and it's damaging the young females growiing up in society thinking this is how to live.

Geesh man! Where was DCFS or CPS?! Were they on the show to remove these children from parental care? You wanna put me in jail because my child is being disrespectful but you won't lock up these women clearly doing damage to these children's psyche?! I feel a post... another post coming on!

Reina said...

I saw this yesterday morning before work, and I'm fairly certain I sat there stunned for awhile.

At 8, I had no idea of the value of money, and I surely didn't judge another by it.

These are who my nephews have to marry?! *please let me be gay*

The Jaded NYer said...

"Love don't put food on the table!"


OK let me stop playing...THIS is why I keep getting pulled towards a second career in some sort of children's advocacy capacity. Some of these mothers are DAMAGING these poor babies and I can't stand it!