Monday, February 22, 2010

The hoe is just hoe and that's without no controversy.....

So on Friday we ALL watched as Tiger Woods bared his soul and pleaded with the media to let him go to rehab, work on his golf swing problem but most importantly to leave his family alone. Some think Tiger needed to make this apology, I'm not one of them. I said it before I'll say it again, until I'm collecting some of that Tiger Woods ya'll its all good ya'll money, I don't care if he sleeps with every blonde, blue eyed, nanny or cocktail waitress from here to kingdom come. He didn't owe America an apology, he didn't cheat on us. So what kids look up to him, take your boys aside and show them this is what being a man whore gets you and move on. Some say the tabloids will look at like there is no other story,WRONG. Tabloids don't just uncover secrets, they create them so for the most part,Tiger played himself *shrugs*

Despite my long winded introduction this post is not about him, its about that hoes in his stable. Right after Tiger's apology, one of his mistresses and her attorney decided to speak out. I wasn't going to watch it at first, but I'm glad I did because clearly this woman is tripping! Here's the press conference if you missed it:

First off why does she have an attorney? I mean I get it Hoes gotta eat too but this is some real BS. Why in the world would the married man you were sleeping with call you to apologize? What's he apologizing for, treating you like a jumpoff? UH that's what you are!!! It doesn't matter if you were sleeping with him for 6 years, that he flew you out to every tournament he were still a side piece.  You gave up your lucrative porn career because the married man you were F$%King said he was jealous, WORD? Did you counter that by tell him he had to leave his wife because you were jealous, and he did it? NO so clearly all this love you had for him was a one way street, all he loved from you was your accessibility. The only apology that is owed is from your self-esteem because clearly it deserted you when you needed it the most. Now we all know that this woman (above) wasn't the only one or Tiger wouldn't have even made the news. So what now are they all going to demand a meet and greet, should it be at the White house hosted by Obama? I mean for Christ sake already, know your lane and you don't end up in this kind of mess. It's not like you didn't know he was married, the world saw that happen, we saw his wife at golf events, didn't you get the clue that he wasn't in love with you when 1,2,3 years passed by? Or how about when they had a second child? I just don't get how a woman gets so wrapped up in the D, they forget oh snap ain't even all mine!


Now my biggest issue with this press conference besides the sheer lunacy of it all is that she continuously refers to Elin Woods by her first name and even says the kids name.  They are not friends, associates, you are the woman that has participated in the destruction of her marriage and now after all this you need to show some damn respect, and leave their names out your mouth. Just plain old RUDE. I was more offended by that then anything else. She could have just said she didn't want to hurt his family, actually she didn't need to say anything about them at all her relationship was with TIGER only. This is the kind of mess that will get you stabbed.
It seems to be me that lately a lot of this is going on, and I'm wondering why? You can't be mad at a man that only gives you the minimum if you that's all you ask of him. What happen to saying oh you're married, well I'm out. I feel like women are getting desperate, desperate for any kind of male attention so they take the side piece gig, build another story in their heads about the situation and then act out when he's caught and chooses his wife. It seems that so many of these women are having a break with reality. If he comes and apologizes but still doesn't leave his wife are you OK with that? Probably not.
What if you completely embarrass him by doing this?
do you think he'll come back? And if he does (which he won't), is that really the man you want? Ugh I'm done. Women I need ya'll to go to the table of self-esteem, take a big heaping plate of it and stop getting sucked in by foolishness and the D. 

*throws down mic*


Smarty P. Jones said...

Clearly they've forgotten the ho's 10 Commandments. What in THE Hell is wrong with them?
Where in the Hell do they get off stepping out of a jump off's place? *smh*

Reina said...

"Know your lane."

It seems to me that side-ho after side-ho seems to have forgotten this. When you decided to sleep with a married man, you gave up your rights for any obligations to you.

I can't watch YouTube at work, but I'm sure I'd be just as upset hearing Elin's name leave this trick's mouth.

And you know I'm in complete agreement when it came to Tiger's apology. He doesn't me ish.

Bangs and a Bun said...

First off, I still don't get who Tiger was apologising to. He doesn't owe me shit. Grovel to your wife, kids and sponsors behind closed doors, please and thank you. (Oh and by the way, Tiger wasn't alone in this, so while Tiger's apologising, maybe his management team, assistants etc might wanna get in on the act, since there's no way in hell they didn't know all this was going on. Someone was booking those flights and hotel rooms and it sure as hell wasn't Tiger).

Moooooooving on to this trick in the video. BITCH PLEASE! She needs to get over herself. I can't believe members of the press actually showed up to this shit and gave it merit. As you said, she knew what she was getting in to. She was a willing participant. Tiger should apologise to you for your own stupidity? Err, no bitch, it doesn't work like that.

*dismounts high horse*

Thank you and good night!

Reggie said...

I won't comment on the hoochie; other than to say that there have always been hoochies and there always will be hoochies. They fulfill a role in society and I'm not gonna hate on her. I would hope that she has a mirror at home and understands her role in the overall scheme of things. She's not the first woman to allow a married man to wipe his dick off on her panties before he goes back home and she sure as hell won't be the last.

As far as Eldrick is concerned, the only person that he owed an apology too, didn't show up at the press conference. I'm sure she was at home with their two children.

12kyle said...

The fact that she even HAS a platform is unreal to me