Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boys Need to Stop, check this list and then check the mirror......

Don't be these dudes. hahahah

I don't usually get into men's fashion, I leave that to the men but there are just somethings I can't stand:

*really heavy set dudes in skinny pants. WHY? If your belly is hanging over so far that you can't see your feet, SKINNY jeans are not for you. All they do is squeeze you in at the bottom and make you plumper at the top.

*wearing a do-rag in public.  Its for sleeping, or running across the street to grab milk because you need it to make pancakes. But Not for everyday all day wear. And if you have long hair what's the point?

*heavily sculpted thin brows. You are not a contestant on RuPaul's Drag race so stop it!

*cropped jackets, I mean I can barely stand to see women in them. BUT BOYS NO NO NO. Damn it!

*shoes leaning to the side. Doesn't anyone teach their girls to look at a mans shoes these days? Run down shoes keep it moving.
* ED F$*king hardy. I'm just going to write your sparkle glitterati ass off as not interested in what I have. Even though you keep blowing me kisses, I'm going to just point you in the direction of the dude next to me.

*nail polish on one finger, what is that? I can't.

*too small EVERYTHING! Look I don't care about Skinny jeans if they are your size then do you. BUT wearing them too small w/your butt hanging out NO MAS! Trousers that are so tight that when you sit they look like they are going to split  You can't be comfortable and  you make me uncomfortable, just yeast infection uncomfortable Bleecch!

I think that's it! So boys get it together. No self respecting girl is going to want to be bothered with the mess you are right now.


Smarty P. Jones said...

From the sounds of it, I think you were describing the boys with a lil' Equal in them. Either way, it needs to stop.

ShellyShell said...

I hate when I see fat azz dudes wearing skinny jeans! Why? Just why?
I don't care if you wear a doo rag in the house but outside NO! The Teacher always has one on in the house talking about "My Waves!"