Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home is where I want to be...

Random title for a random post:

Well this blog is two years old, and I'm ashamed to say I totally let it get pass me. FOR SHAME!

I'm applying to schools for CJ, fun it is NOT. I tweeted about it to keep from throwing a fit

30K for a half day for a 3yrs old. What the hell am I doing in finance, the money is clearly in babies.

I want to have CJ closer to me during the day, but traveling on PT w/him make me nervous. (Confessions of a Mom)
I don't always have the answers but I have strong opinions that I will share.

Twitter has really taken on a life of its own, I follow some great people.

Lately I've been craving red meat, which is weird since I haven't had it since '93.

No damn it I'm not pregnant.

Why do so many black women love curly weaves?

Why do all men look the same to me lately, skinny jeans, argyle sweater etc..? They all look like versions of Kanye West

Speaking of Kanye, I don't like this pic of Amber Rose posinglike Grace Jones. I prefer the original.

I'm reading Nuture shock and all I can say is Whoa parents really screw up their kids (unintentionally of course).

I'm still working on my mommy blog, its going to fun writing that. The first post is how I realized I was pregnant.

CJ is my heart, I'd do anything for him within reason. I think that's how parents should be.

I need a vacation before I serve as a bridesmaid in two weddings this year the Bahamas is my choice.

How many licks does it take...wait wrong post.

I'm so mad at Hip Hop right now, what the fluck is a wacka flocko and a Nicki Minaj. Pure Wackness that's what it is.

And who the hell green lighted this mess:

they should be shot in the leg and forced to listen to this mess over and over again.

SO Diddy came across the Bridge and there was much hoopla, and all the skanks of Brooklyn managed to get their best too small, extra smedium  gear and went out to rep for Biggie.

I was momentarily blind from all the pics.

The local train is so much quieter, I can here my thoughts.

The last five months I've been slip sliding away. I won't talk about that, because I'm finally feeling like myself again.


Smarty P. Jones said...

WTF?! Biggie is spinnin' in his grave! As if I wasn't angry enough from the night's festivities.
WTF?! *blank stare*

ShellyShell said...

I was like why did Puffy as he said his name was that night! Do it at the Lab! In the heart of the Stuy! I guess he was tryin to keep it real local!
Big was probably sayin "WTF Puff?"