Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Toddlers Life

March will be the last month I'll be sharing stories about my sweetums CJ on this blog. I've decided to start a mommy blog but since Word Press won't let me be great it's taking a little longer than I thought to get it up and running...Boo WordPress Boo. Alright on with the show:

Last Week:
 Thursday: CJ discovered the joys of the Muppet show, and he loves them. I was just tired of all the other shows he wanted to watch and since he's so intrigued with the computer and can basically navigate sites one you get him on the page I let him have a go.... OH BOY, somehow I forgot he was a toddler and well I've been hearing this song for every morning:

Specifically The part where Animal sings Mama, Mama MAMA!

And then Friday when we were snowed in and I was trying to work from home, he decided that this one would make a great background song while I was on a conference call;

After the conference call I decided to take him out for an hour so he could roll around in the snow and I could clean off the car. We had a ball, even though I had to make all the snowballs he hit me with. Then we went inside and he took a 3hr nap.Just enough time for me to return a few calls and answer emails. This my friend is what we call PARENTAL GENIUS!

The weekend was relatively uneventful, Just relaxing as a family which is always nice. Then came Monday.
Monday conversation with my little bit:

CJ: *singing* I bust the windows out your car, and though it didn't mean my heart
ME: CJ what are you singing?
CJ: Bust Windows, *continues singing*
ME: Where did you learn that song?
CJ: From Glee with Kiarra. Mommy why is she busting windows out cars?
ME: Because she's mad.
CJ:Mommy people don't get mad they get angry, Dogs get mad ( I blame my mom for this) 
ME:Ok she's angry
CJ: why?Did her mommy take her DS?
ME: No she's angry....*thinking why am I having this discussion with a 3yr old* that's all she's angry
CJ: Well I'd call the police, I love my car!

I just let it at that. This child has too much damn sense for a 3 year old.
Then later that night he decided he should pretend to be a Viking and asked me "Mommy what's in your wallet?" I sent him to bed.

Sometimes I think CJ watches too much TV but that's not really true, he's just really observant and picks up things quickly. So the only thing we can do is make sure he isn't exposed to anything crazier than Jazmine Sullivan.

Ah parenthood, gotta love it!


Tyrone said...

"Dogs get mad, people get angry". Sheesh, my mom says the same thing. I love to torture people with this.

CJ is adorable and wise beyond his years :D

dejanae said...

i love him
he's too much