Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Blogger Etiquette.....Fin

In the last few weeks The Jaded NYer, Smarty of Smarty's World and I have given you the tools you can use to be a better blogger. This Monday I bring to you the last installment of the series and it is a VERY important one...Don't tell other Bloggers how to blog.

To often we get caught up in our own opinions and before we know it we're "suggesting topics" for someones blog, telling people how to change their layouts, advertisements etc and that is a huge NO-NO.  My blog is personal and a reflection on who I am, so I kind of get on the defensive when people (not friends) send me notes, email on what they think needs to be different about my blog. If you have so many ideas about my blog, why not just start your own blog and let me be.

I once had a person email me to tell me he enjoyed my commentary on now President Obama and they wished I'd focus more on that and not the silly shows on VH1.... uhh word? When I responded I asked for his blog and low and behold he didn't have one. Sorry Chum, I write what I feel so if I have the an itch about these crazy VH1 shows I'm going to scratch it and post it for all to see. You don't want to read about Ray J there are plenty of other blogs to read.Now don't get it me wrong if you enjoy reading my posts and want to hear more, say that and I'll take it into consideration (might even shout you out) but don't NEVER EVER EVER EVER tell me what content should be over here. We'll unless you want to be the subject of the next post.

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The Jaded NYer said...

I wish a m*therf*cker WOULD tell me what to blog about...

Smarty P. Jones said...

Oh, you don't "like" what I'm blogging about? Well get cho ass away from my blog, then! Mofo, YOU came to read MY shit! I didn't invite you!
*deep breath* OK, I'm OK. It's not anyone's place to tell you what to blog about or how to do it - unless they're paying you.

Keith said...

I have an "Anonymous" poster who tells me that they wish I would write more personal anecdotes and stop championing President Obama so much...This person refers to my blog as "Obama's Space" I delete most of their comments..Then they write back saying that they are an American and they "have a right to be heard." I delete that and then they threaten not to read me anymore. I delete that too and a few days later, they are right back. I just laugh at my haters.
(While pressing the delete key)