Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Open Letter.

Dear Josyln James,

I thought I addressed this mess of an affair you had with Tiger Woods a few post back, but clearly you missed it or you just enjoy being a hoe outta pocket. First you go hire a man eating attorney, then you release the nasty tweets Tiger sent you (I MEAN BLECHHH) and now you want to talk to his wife, to set things straight. What the f$%k do you think this is, an episode of General Hospital. You had the audacity to say you're available anytime she wants to talk.What in the hell do you think his wife is going to say, hey Hoe #12 how are you? No I don't think so,  and what would your side of the conversation sound  like "Oh I'm sorry I f#$ked your husband for three years and all I got was a subway sandwich" You're a real LAME.

I'm sure you've read all the blogs, TMZ write-ups, newspapers etc but no one is going to say it to you like this, You are a low class jumpoff.You let the sway of Tiger's dick and the size of his wallet push you into this fantasy world where you were his wife, WRONG. By your own admission you were literally riding him and got nothing in return, hell even the $2 crack whore in the Bronx knows to get something. Sure you can spin that "I loved him"shit but I don't believe you (you need more people). Love ain't got shit to do with what's going on, you're trying to get paid but sadly nothing will be enough because you want him and he's basically turned his back on you.

If I were Tiger's wife and I read that 1) you wanted to speak with me and in the same article talk about having sex with him 10days after our child was born,the only speaking you'd be doing is to the barrel of my Glock 9mm. You're the kind of woman that only the Shaharazad would work on and if you keep at it, I might contact Elin (Mrs. Woods to you skankadank) and let her know I'm going to get at you.

In short you need to play your position and right now that's jilted porno actress and side hoe. Now Be Gone.

Best regards,

The F$%K it List


Smarty P. Jones said...

Let the church say, "Amen." There is no glory in being a married man's whore and that is exactly what she has been.
So, Ho No. 9, hide your face, wear your scarlet "A" and go back from whence you came. Nobody wants to hear from you.

The Ink said...

"In short you need to play your position and right now that's jilted porno actress and side hoe. Now Be Gone."

This IS the role she is playing. Alas, We have grown weary of the role before she has grown tired of playing it. If we all walk away, she will ultimately get the message and bounce.

Dee said...

...not to mention she's FUG.

I actually feel kinda sorry for her. He probably gassed up up real good. All's fair in love and war, I guess.

FYI - Mistress # 5001 has been unearthed:

Video Vix[o]n said...

i don't know what Tiger messed with a lame like her... and she can't be serious about wanting to talk to Ms. Woods. She act like she was so traumatized about the whole scenario. her ass should be lucky she got a Subway sandwich... some itches don't get a damn thing. sad enough she has obtained her 15 mins, now she can spend the other 45 mins intergrating her stripper ass back into society...

that is all

Stesha said...

She and her attorney need to get it together. And why does she...the side chick...have an attorney anyway? I wish you could send her a t-shirt that reads "Now Be Gone. Just Do it." Something like that.

Hugs and Mocha,