Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

I am so tired of hearing about Single Black Women, Dear American Media get over yourself and leave single women of all colors alone. Being single is not a curse and you're really you're causing more harm than help.

If you are a Black celebrity, politician,stripper, NOI Member  please remember you speak for you and NOT ME.  You do not have your finger on the black community, we are far to complicated for that. So if you've wrote a book, song, poe, tagged a bodega about what is wrong with Black people PLEASE MISS ME WITH THAT.  *I'm looking at you Steve Harvey and your pimp mustache*

Have you all seen that atrocious show "Basketball Wives"? Calling it a hot ghetto mess would be me being nice. It's should be called Basketball Bottom Bitches, cause that's what they are, the high maintanace woman in a long list of others.

I hate when people RT ignorant sh$t to get a reaction from their followers, you know it's ignorant stop spreading the disease. I've had to un-follow quite a few people for this mess.

My Nintendo Wii is going to be the death of me, and now that I'm connected to the internet LORD HELP ME!

CJ's party is planned, yep in April. I'm going the rich way this year and letting someone else do the work. Mama is TIRED.

I've started doing Calligraphy again and I think it might turn into more than just a hobby. I've been inspired.

I'm going to finally finish the following post: "Behold a Lady ~ What a true lady is" "No time for fake ones ` Friendship".. there are two more but let's just start there.

I need to get more consistent about when I do P90X,  I don't plan to have the body in 90 days but I don't want it to take 4 years either. LOL.

I hate when people on twitter get all worked up over something someone says and then starts talking about having opinions. THE F$%K we all have opinions that's why we're on Twitter, go sit down and shut up.

I had a "I'm older than you moment" which turned into a "Yes I'm older but also more cultured than you" moment. it was awesome.

I feel like a Blogger brunch is in order, unlimited mimosa and the likes. oh yeah and food.

My Social calendar for the next two months is looking CRAZY, between my friends and all the birthdays and CJ's birthday parties and events, I'm going to be one TIRED MOTHER (SHUT YOUR MOUTH).

WUUSSAAAHH! Much better!


Irene said...

I'm tired just reading this ish. LOL!

Olivia better get an invite to CJ's party. Yeah, I'm calling you out bitch! Ha!

rashida said...

It took me a second to realize this is a rant. Yeah, I'm tired.

I'm on a new found mission to get my body back in 90 days with P90X. I just think I'm going to have to spread those 90 days over about 120days.

I hate most reality TV, and can only imagine how ignorant that Basketball show must be.

And last but not least... I'm not a blogger, but I love to eat. When is this brunch? I'm due to drive on up to NY anyway.

The Jaded NYer said...

I know not of this P90X but I'm jealous.

And I know how you feel about your calendar. I need to hurry up and purchase that clone I saw...wait...I've said too much already...

You know all you have to tell me is WHEN & WHERE & I'm at the brunch, telling the waiter to LINE UP MY DRANKS. Oh yeah and eating, too.

Tyrone said...

I can't watch the basketball wives show. No good. Most reality shows are awful.

Wherever this brunch is held, make sure you get a keg of that Brownstone punch. I don't know what everyone else will be drinking.

Ricardo said...

Word.. I'm with Ra... I'm no blogger, but I'm there.. Just make sure it's not anytime between the 8th and 14th of May.. Any other time, I'm there.

Reina said...

You completely confuddled (Yes, that's my made up word) for a second before I realized you were ranting, but I'm on board now.

Woosah, lady. Find chocolate.

Stealing this pic by the way. None of you said anything against that in your Bloggers Etiquette pieces!