Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Read it, Digest it and pay it forward.

I have been slacking on my posting on this site, but that's going to change today. Starting with my SMM responsibilities. I'm not in the mood to fight about it, so just get yourself over to The Jaded NYer's site and get your read on, digest this message and move along.

Today's post: This Ain't a Dating Site
God knows there are a lot of dating sites, so get thee to them and stay up off the blogs. Got it? GOOD.

Ever wonder what happen to the Cosby show kids? How did Bud end up doing in the world? Well go sit on Smarty's couch and find out: Cosby show kids, Where they at?

Now for me, I haven't been slacking off on blogging so I can tweet, and other such nonsense. I've been slacking because I'm dirt dog tired. Between work, then getting home to work with CJ on learning to write his letters, and numbers I'm just too tired to type. I have a notebook full of post, I just need to transfer them to paper. Sad right? Well I'm not Superwoman and so I'm not going to feel guilty. I remember when I would post daily even if it was just some stupid video clip that tickled me, "DAMN SHIT DONE CHANGED".

Oh Well, I'll try to be back tomorrow. I have a lot to say about Erykah Badu's situation, Tiger Wood hoes still getting out a pocket and a few other things.  In the meantime go the ladies of the Social Media Mafia up and leave them a comment.....why? Because I told you so.


Reina said...

Soo this isn't the post about Tiger's hoes?


I'll return tomorrow.

Smarty P. Jones said...

LoL @ Reina. Thanks for the shout out.