Thursday, April 22, 2010

To all the boys I've loved before......

No this is not a post about CJ and The Mr., you can read about them here: My life as a Mom this post is about the men of the blogsphere. The men that challenge me (sometimes to the point of wanting to strangle them), force me to rethink how I'm handling issues with the Mr.but most importantly they make me laugh. Go check out their blogs and leave them a little L-O-V-E in the comment section.

This was one of the first men that I connected with in the virtual world. He's a real jokester and a kind heart. He's not blogging like he use to but hell, Life happens. Go spread love to my man 12kyle at the 12th planet:  Off the Dome.

Crecks, He's hella funny and a great father. Even had me all teary eyed after one of his father/son stories. And whooo hoo that voice,will make you want to leave your man haha. Show him some love over at Brother's Blog

InkoNegro Smart,funny and the cutest baby boy, what more can you ask for? I admit I don't get to read his blog all the time but its always worth it when I do. InkoNegro2.0

Need the hottest T-shirts on the street, want to jam to some killer 90's music? Look no further than the Kwamster. He's an Apple junkie, a Brooklynite and a great blogger. Show him some love. Kwamster's Rant

Sent here to just annoy me on twitter, make me like him on BBM and even agree with some of his blog post, I give you none other than And1Grad. My Radio Ladies just skip over his ART club, I do. He's a boob man, what can you do!

Jose Jose Jose Jose! He's a math teacher and has great ideas on how to make our children better. FUNNY AS HELL, and not afraid to drink and sing headbanger songs and eat peanuts at a bar with the Jaded Nyer and I.  Read his writings here: It's not about a Salary, it's all about reality- The Jose Vilson

 Last but never least,, Big Tyrone from the BX. Another great dad and husband Tyrone is the man. We collaborated on the Patois to English post, and he was the genius behind me doing this insane P90X (hooked me up!).He does serious post but my favorites are about his little girl.  Visit him over at "Excuse me while I ramble"

So there you go!The men that make the blog world go round. Go and Enjoy!


Tyrone said...

Daps to all the fellas mentioned. Glad to be in their company.

Jose said...

Thank you thank you thank you. You're far too kind.

PS - It was Jaded eating all the nuts. I have the picture of the shells to prove it. #sobertweets

Ricardo said...

Now I feel all left out and shit.. I think I need a blog. *sigh*