Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm gonna need....

 Her shoes are wack but you get the point.Don't be that guy

Men to get it together *side note NOT ALL MEN are guilty of these summer crimes but those of you who are PAY ATTENTION*

 It's warm out, women have shed all their layers, skin is glowing, toes painted so feel free to admire them. Women love that (ladies stop frontin'). Now there are right and wrong ways to admire a woman and today I've managed to experience every wrong creepy way known to man.

#1: I'm walking down the street and pass a few young men, one screams out "Hey Ma, can you stop to talk?" I keep walking and pay him no mind, even if I was single I would have kept walking. I have one child, his name is C.J and even he knows better than to call me MA.

#2 After I pass the first set of guys, I notice a guy crossing back and forth across the street. He keeps waving at me. I smile say hello and continue to sing. As soon as I get to my block he runs up behind me and asks me if he can have my number? UH WTF? I had my finger on the trigger of my pepper spray he had better thank Marsha Ambrosius for saving his life. Oh yeah and the nice Police officer on the corner.

#3 ADMIRE, don't leer like the wolf in the three little pigs. This dude had the nerve to be posted up on the corner looking at me over his sunglasses. NEGRO PLEASE!

#4 For my melanin challenged men, PLEASE STOP ASKING ABOUT THE CURLS IN MY HAIR! I get it, my hair is fascinating, it's lovely and some might say awesome. But I don't want you to talk about it all day.

#5 Do Not pull up in your car blasting music and ask me to come over. I can't be held responsible for what I do at that point. This happens so often I have to wonder are these men crazy. I'm not a hooker and this ain't the point so keep on driving. I'm sure there is some chicken head that will want to pull up to your SUV and let you abduct her. Go find her.

#6 Do Not engage my child in hope that I will speak to you. I won't. This is probably one of the most disrespectful things a man can do in my opinion. First hitting on me when C.J. is around or chatting him up. He's not a puppy and this is no movie. I will tell you off, then call the cops.

#7 Lastly, if a woman tells you "she has a boyfriend" "she's married", "she's a lesbian" Don't ask her if she's happily any of the above just excuse yourself and get on with life. Too many times a man will approach me and ask me if I'm happy, and often my response is Well I was until you started speaking.

The long and the short is just be respectful of the women you see this summer. Show them the same respect you'd want some man to show your mom or sister. It's really not that much harder to say Hello, Good Afternoon/Evening how are you? And it sound a lot nicer than  "Excuse me Shorty, you have a minute". Alright now off with you, go out and enjoy the sight, after all it's summer and summer dress season is a win win for everyone!


Dee said...

Might I add...

Now that its hot and I'm in a biker shorts and a wife-B, please leave me alone when I am going to and fro the gym. Thanks.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

LOL. A few of the reasons I don't miss working in downtown DC.

Kitty said...

Yes I especially hate it when I'm with my kid and they try to holla. My Manito is NOT the one. haha!