Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This week I will


I have a few little things brewing in my fancy little tea cup and though I'm tired, busy at work, at home I'm going to listen to my mentor Tim Gunn and Make it Work. I've been writing this blog for two years and never thought about it as more than a journal, then all of a sudden people were actually reading it. WOW, who would have thought I'd have repeat visitors from Saudi Arabia, well I do. Though they don't comment I know they are there (thank you stat counter and Bangs and a Bun). 

In other MAKE IT WORK news, I've FINALLY purchased the URL's for both my sites. That's right no more wordpress.com or blogspot.com for the kid! I was so nervous that I would screw something up but alas it was easy as 1.2.3. So probably beginning next week the link "randomishnycsarcasm.blogspot.com" will be "RandomNYCSarcasm.com" GO ME!! It was time. 

Project Publish all drafts, started yesterday with my first installment of the "Brooklyn to English Dictionary" and I will slowly get the rest of them done. There are some real good ones, some that need work and some that should be tossed but they ALL will be published in the next two weeks. Get ready for the Good, The Bad and the slightly less beautiful (what? we don't do Ugly over here HMPH) 

I love the design on my Mommy blog, it feels very clean and grown up, but I'm a little annoyed with the design over here. Specifically that Twitter bird, so I'm shopping for a new look and some help with the HTML coding . I tip my hat to those of you that are able to do it on your own, but it makes me want to cry. So if you know someone or are that somebody that can help me figure it out, I'd be ever so grateful.

Did someone say Blogger Business cards? Well yes I did, mine were made courtesy of the Fabulous blogger extraordinaire The Jaded NYer. I'm super excited to hand them out, so if I just run up on you in the streets to hand you a card, don't think I'm crazy. I'm just excited. 

On that same note I don't have a title to put on these cards. I don't consider myself a writer, I write for pleasure. I don't really freelance because again I do this when the mood strikes me, not to make money. And I write about any and everything, so where does that leave me. Maybe Pop Cultures? OH who knows.

I'm going to take sometime and figure out how I want to brand myself, if I want to at all. Hope you all will be there to root for me on the sidelines, oh hell just come and join the race. 

Thanks Tim Gunn for being my inspiration! 

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