Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vacation is done...

I know you missed me, I missed ya'll too but a sister needed a break. Blogging started to feel more like an obligation rather than something I do for fun. While I was on break I had some good laughs with good friends and added some new folks to my circle of trust (and chucked some others, no time for fake ones) I wish I could say it was all fun and games wrapped in drunken nights, and hangover cure days but it wasn't.

I also lost one of the most important men in my life! On June 22nd my mother called to inform me that he passed away. I'm not ready to divulge it all right now. But I will say this, for every ounce of grief  my father's absence could have caused Robert "El Bay" Daily added a gallon of relief and happiness. Not all men are strong enough to deal with the women of the Davenport clan but he never wavered and that in itself made him an amazing person. His funeral was awful, filled with anger, resentment and jealous and it disturbed me to my core but I know that Bob knew the truth and right now he's in a better place, hurting no more.

It's going to take a very long time for those of us that truly loved you to stop missing you, stop wanting to see you, and hear your voice but as C.J so eloquently put it "You're in Jesus' house now so Mommy don't be sad". You were a shining light and a true gentleman.

Bob we loved you, and will always LOVE You!

I thought about doing a really heartfelt post, but it's all still a little raw for me right now, and honestly Bob wouldn't want me to make you cry so I won't. I'll simply post a cartoon that a dear friend sent me after sharing the story of losing his dad.

This meant the world to me and I'll never forget it.

Reina Song thank you for inspiring me to write this, you told your story it helped me do the same.
Smartys World Thank you for being bossy and telling me to write.  Not to mention checking in on me every day.
Dee Dee and The Jaded Nyer Thank you both for being such good friends.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Let's not beat around the bush here, I'm taking a break. I have a lot going on. Work is HECTIC, side projects are jumping off and well you know in one month CJ will be four and so the waltz of death with The Mr. has begun... but this time he will LOSE!

I'm also trying to narrow down what I want this blog to look like,so while I work all this out I'm going to take some time,  but feel free to read the past post and comment... Also go check out my first book/event review at: Souls of my Young Sisters

Lastly, before I go let me leave you with this hilarious video and one more reason why my city is THE BEST!

I tell the tourist all the time to stay in their lane, Improv Everywhere owes me a check. HAHAH

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brooklyn to English Dictionary

Welcome to the second installment of the Brooklyn to English, we're happy to have you back. Besides the diversity, our wicked accents we also have a language all our own that I'm going to share with you. Now let's get on with the lesson.

Today's word is Skelly pronounced "Skel-lee"

Skelly is a game that has been played on the streets of New York City for years.  Typically played using bottle caps (sometimes filled with wax or clay to weigh it down) on a board drawn with chalk. Though the rules change from place to place, the premise is the same shoot your piece across the board, remaining close to home and eliminating the other players on the board.

Though not played much anymore, you have to be a REAL NYer, born and raised (not some hipster or transplant) to understand how important this game was. Kids today only want to sit inside and play video games,we couldn't wait to get back outside to continue the street games we'd started the day before. Skelly was pure fun and entertainment and always ended in Good Times!

I think I may introduce C.J. to a little Skelly this weekend!