Monday, June 14, 2010


Let's not beat around the bush here, I'm taking a break. I have a lot going on. Work is HECTIC, side projects are jumping off and well you know in one month CJ will be four and so the waltz of death with The Mr. has begun... but this time he will LOSE!

I'm also trying to narrow down what I want this blog to look like,so while I work all this out I'm going to take some time,  but feel free to read the past post and comment... Also go check out my first book/event review at: Souls of my Young Sisters

Lastly, before I go let me leave you with this hilarious video and one more reason why my city is THE BEST!

I tell the tourist all the time to stay in their lane, Improv Everywhere owes me a check. HAHAH


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Hey chica! Sounds like a much needed break is in order.

We need the doggone tourist lane down here too! lol

Be well. I'll catch up with ya on the Twit side :-).

Kitty said...

LOL @ this video. That's crazy. Enjoy your break girly and happy bday to CJ. :) tweet ya later <3