Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hey Young World.........

Today on my way home I watched two young boys throw Crip gang signs at each other as a greeting... I was upset. There have always been gangs of some sort in NY but this Crip/ Blood shit is foreign. It needs to be addressed, and not in the NYPD shoot now ask question later kind of way. I don't even believe these kids know what the flip all that gang stuff means, other than they get to shoot folks and wear bandannas. For them it's what they've seen in movies about the west coast and from the 1/2 of "Monster" they actually finished SMH..

Who do you blame for this? Kids are sometimes bullied into the gangs, parents work two jobs and can't  keep up with them, and even if they are trying to steer them away for all this mess it might be too late. I look at these kids and want to scream Have you not seen the multiple shootings of young men that weren't doing anything,  then hope that would shake shake them out of it, but it won't. They are too busy reppin' for their sets, to realize that means nothing, you own nothing, this block is not YOURS.  Not to mention they were fresh to death, latest sneakers, clothing etc... and that's all they cared about. Not realizing they were throwing their lives away. UGH! All I could think as I saw those to men was Slick Rick's "Hey Young World". Sadly this song still applies.

Specifically this verse...... 
Hey Mr. bigshot... hey, don't you look fly?
But you dont have a nickle... ohhhh, my my my
You've been fightin again and, you forgot why
Hey kid, walk straight, master your high
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... because you make your family cry
And all jokes aside, are you in good health?
Hey little boy... now have you really checked yourself?
You're a disgust, you know someone that I cant trust, you'd
Steal moms welfare... and you'd run and buy some dust, and
Plus, a must so... bigshot you're not
Your friends are talkin and Im hearin that your girls a what?
You didn't know? go steal and rob
And while you're at it... go get a suit for a j-awhh-ob
You see you're actin like this urge is demandin
Cmon, wake up... have some understandin
Society's a weak excuse for a man
Its time for the brothers... rap is trying to take the stand
Believe it or not, the lord still shines on you deep
Guides you... and he watched you as you grew, plus
Past the age of... a little child, that's true
But folks your age don't act like you do, so
So be mature... and put the point to a halt
And if you're over eighteen... I wish you'd act like an adult
Don't live in a world... of hate hate hate
Pull yourself together... and get yourself straight
Men don't steal... hey, most don't borrow
And if you smoke crack... your kids'll smoke crack tomorrow
So be more mature... and kids do your chores
Make your own money... hey, be proud that's yours
You know why, cause that's a man... that's brains no spite
Stayin out of trouble... when it comes in sight
And a man never loses a fight... in gods sight
Cause righteous laws are overdue
And this is a message that the ruler rick threw
And its true

C.J. is going to be hella embarrassed when The Mr. and I pick him up from school every damn day!

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