Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I am woman hear me roar.....

 In the last month some rather unusual name calling has been happening in the blogsphere. After commenting on Smarty's World post on the role the church plays in women being single, the author of the article seemed to disagree with me and called me a male identified woman. Really? This baffled mean and it got me to thinking about modern day feminist

The feminist movement was centered around gaining basic rights for women. Rights they had been denied simply because of their sex.  The work done in the past has ensured that the women of my generation would be allowed an equal footing against their male counterparts in the work field (that battle continues) and release them from the domestic world. They challenged the system and made changes.  Some were glamorous, some were hippies but they all served one goal, the betterment of women. Their work made it so that I as a woman could have an opinion without attack.

I believe that wanting women to be the best them, and ditching the scapegoat  of slackish behavior makes me as much a feminist as a bra burning Hippie of the 60's. But somewhere in this bizzaro world (oops was that comic book reference to male identified) a feminist is just suppose to be all Viva la Feminism even if the behavior serves as a detriment to the entire does this make sense? Perfect example are all the women that have recently rallied around Kat Stacks, believing that she is taking control of her sexuality,  by sleeping with a multitude of rappers and bragging on youtube. I'm sorry but I can't get behind that. She's not taking back anything, if anything she is giving away her self respect and dooming herself to a life of regret. My stance on Kat Stacks in the eyes of new age feminist is wrong. They'd like me to say oh she's misguided, hurt by some man in the past, all of which is probably true, but in my world that does not excuse her behavior.

Somewhere between free love, bra burning, equal compensation, working outside the home we as Women  decided that being less feminine is a good thing. It's evident with the slew of books that have come out recently telling women to think like men, but really all its done is crippled us. It allows for certain traits to be deemed "woman-like" and therefore weak. On the other hand if we think like men then we are strong and capable. In my opinion that is exactly what makes us weak. I would prefer instead that women start owning their own bull, and using their female instinct to stop getting caught in the trap. Now if we as woman had no power then we'd have no responsibility, that however is no longer the case.  And when one of our own suggest maybe we as women play a part in our own downfall, we are attacked, called names. This doesn't ring of being a feminist, it rings of ignorance and self denial.

I'm sure tons of people will disagree with my thoughts on how you become a better woman, and that's fine, but leave the name calling in the playground. I'm always up for a healthy debate but when one party results to name calling and hateful comments, I will nicely tell you to off yourself and move on.


Irene said...

"we as Women decided that being less feminine is a good thing"

who decides femininity?

I'm gonna have to write a blog post about this today.

Bangs and a Bun said...

Standing frikkin' ovation. Thank you. You put this far more eloquently than I. Great post. said...

What annoys me about modern "feminists" is that we will be so quick to attack our fellow women but the worst things said about men is that they used to be oppressive.

I don't think feminism has anything to do with femininity, nor does it have anything to do with competing with men.

Feminism is about men and women having equal choices, being worthy of equal respect, and for women to have as much of a voice as anyone else.

It's such a shame that this voice is being used to attack other women, to belittle men, and that the choices being made so often contradict the idea of equal respect (Kat Stacks, I'm lookin' at you).

Why all the fighting, women? It's not feminism... it's just conflict, and those are two very different things.

Smarty P. Jones said...

Chile, all this is a way for women to lash out at one another to pass along the oppression. I've always thought that feminism is about being able to make the choices you want to make to do what YOU want to do as opposed to making the shift from being governed by men to being governed by the thoughts, opinions and hang ups of other women.
It's time out for all of that.

The F$%K it List said...

@Irene I see you've missed the point and have decided to go on the defensive... Go on with your bad self.

@Bangs Thank You! I knew you would understand.

@claire I wish these so called new age feminist understood what you said. But sadly they don't and now it's women vs. women.

@Smarty Well I refuse this oppression, if I don't let a man hold me down I damn sure am not going to let a bunch of women.