Friday, July 9, 2010

My city is better than yours......

I know I'm just stating the obvious but it's been a minute since I bragged about NYC. It's summer and besides Trinidad or Costa Rica there no place I'd rather be. So what will I be up to this summer? You guessed it going to CONCERTS! *does the bogle dance* This summer in the Brooklyn, and Manhattan will be epic with Free and paid shows and the best part is I get to do some of them with the Mr. YIPEEEEE! I mean I love my girls and everything but we haven't been to a concert together in a gazillion year!  Okay, okay enough of my babbling, here is where I'll be all summer long.

 That cute little Marty Markowitz and the greatest city on earth Brooklyn will have me swinging, swaying and singing to some of the best.

 And the best part of all is that the concerts are FREEEEEEEEEEEE! Free. I try to make it out to most of these concerts because hell not much else is free in NY and I can bring CJ, my chair, and snacks and some water and we can groove. Even better people in Brooklyn have no behavior and the fashion OMG's will be out in full view of my camera (providing the NOI let me in with it) There are also some free Thursday shows at Seaside, but I won't be going that far to see John Legend. I love me some him but not a two hour trip love.

 Lighters ina the AIRRRRRRR! I am beyond excited that this show will be in Brooklyn. If you haven't already heard this amazing collaboration "Distant Relatives" get on it. I've listened to it everyday since I got it, along with the Roots, oohhh if they were here this summer I could die and go to heaven.....oh got off track. Yes So back to Nas and Junior Gong, July 31st at the Williamsburg Waterfront.

*singing* You needed the chance to show a little romance, not the tables have turn they're running you down. Baby show it off, show them what you got my baby. Oh yes Brooklyn the heavenly voice of Beres Hammond will be serenading me..I mean us at B.A.M on August 6th.  A few years back I vowed to never attend another dancehall/reggae concert again, because as Beres started singing "Rockaway" he was interupted and removed from the stage. He had only done a few songs and the concert was over and he was the headliner! I suffered through a bunch of others like Elephant man, Tanto Metro but I came to see Lady Saw and Beres Hammond (and maybe Buju). But that was then, in Manhattan, and this is NOW in The bestest place ever. BROOKLYN!!!!!

And finally if all of that wasn't enough, I will be at the Rock the Bells Hip Hop concert. This is not just any Hip Hop concert, it's a FESTIVAL! The lineup is too extensive for me to even start listing so click here and see for yourself... ROCK THE BELLS  You have to know that this concert is a big deal it The Mr. heard only one artist and bugged me everyday about the tickets, HAHA. It's going to be the longest day ever, and probably one of the hottest but I'll be with my man, my sisters and my best friends and it will be EPIC!

So as hot as it might be in NY, I'll be sweating to some of the best music out there and I can't, No I won't complain. I'm sure I'll be live tweeting 90% of these concerts especially Rock The bells for 12kyle specifically hahaha. I will definitely be taking pics (you know if the NOI don't get me) so don't worry it will be just like you are there. 


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Hey chica! Nothing like some good live music. May sound crazy, but I out of all the artists the one I really wanna see live is It'll be hot as a mutha but I may have to check out RTB this year.

Dee said...

You will create a spreadsheet of these shows and forward to me posthaste.