Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things I'm kicking around

It's Thursday and time for another installment of #WomansLaw.

How many times have you met a friend at a restaurant, a club and as you approached thought "What in the name of Diana Ross is she wearing?" What now? Do you tell your friend that they look like they could be featured on "People of Walmart",well if you are a real friend you do. Which bring me to today's law  "Friends don't let Friends wear junk" is brought to you by Smarty (Smarty's World)...
Go,Read, Learn.


I live in one of the greatest cities in the world, and by far one of the most expensive. On Sunday, I spent time with my friend Claudia just kicking around ideas,  I shared with her a feature about dining on a budget in this city. Of course being such an  AWESOME friends she was like DO IT! (It's nice to have cheerleaders)

I'm frugal but I like to have satisfying meals, and I've been known to make $40 last an entire week without ever eating pizza or a $5 foot long, so I'm going to share that knowledge. Once a week I'll share my latest find in the city that never sleeps but loves to eat. The goal: Healthy on the go meals for under $10.  The only downfall to this is my strict diet (no red meat or pork) so I may enlist a friend to try those items and then write about it.

I've also started writing book reviews for Kitty Bradshaw, here is my first review: Souls of my Young Sisters.  The next review is on William Young's "The Shack" I wrote about how that book changed my way of thinking here: Be faithful . I said on twitter it's proven hard to write this review but I will have it done and posted. I was trying to wait for my logo so I can paste it in the email but that's a few days off. My goal is to do one per month.
I've done a few other pieces but right now I want to focus on my new look, the feature and the reviews. So this is what I'm kicking around. Go read my reviews and hit me up on Shalena

Lastly, I've finally got a new logo and it is AWESOME! Daddy Unmasked on twitter gave me the best advice on who to look for, how to describe my vision and most importantly how to deal on pricing. Thank You Sir. I will be vamping up my site next week and for the first time I'm actually really excited!

So as you see I have a lot going on and it seems very little time. But I'm from Brooklyn nothing can stop me.

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Tyrone said...

Now if only your developer would find a way to lighten his schedule. Your twitter army comes in handy.