Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've been stressed, tired, emotional and just otherwise unhappy the last few days. I wasn't sure why at first so I in true Capricorn fashion I decided to go inward and disconnect from the world while I work it out. Now disconnecting is hard when you have a mate and a child so I figured the other distractions like FB, BBM and twitter would be a better start.

Monday I had limited interaction on my social networks and that was fine, didn't miss it much during the day, or night. After work, I made a pizza, read books with C.J, talked with the Mr and actually held real conversations with two old friends and most importantly I went to bed before 10pm! The next morning a light bulb went off, I'm doing too much! It's not that I need to disconnect completely but I need to get back to the middle and BALANCE. I also haven't done a real Yoga practice since my vacation two weeks ago and we know how much crazier I get if my Chakras are not blocked. So there is an easy fix for all of this, upping my vitamin intake, regulating my sleep pattern, and realigning my Chakra.

The crazy thing is this happens to me at the same time every year. It's something about the closer we get to fall, the more off kilter my emotions get. *Shrugs* Oh well now to make the change.

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Mommy Lisa said...

I fell that - same thing happens to me in late winter.