Saturday, August 7, 2010

More, More, More How do you like it, How do you like it?

SO Today is the big reveal, I like it this new look. The problem with the old backgrounds for me was how busy they felt after a few months and I couldn't really make them mine. Well that's over, this new look is simple, yet noticeable and best of all it's all mine! No canned pictures, just something I worked on (w/an obviously talented graphic designer) that tells the world about me.

I'm super happy about the look now but feel free to leave your comments.

Thanks in advance!

The F$%K it List


The Jaded NYer said...

You know I love her snarky lil face!

Smarty P. Jones said...

I LOVE her look. It managed to capture your snark with just a hint of I don't give a ----! So, in short, perfect!

Dee said...

That is ME - from the forehead the eye-rolling the wild curls and definitely the wine glass. How honored I am that you chose my likeness to represent your blog and all things surly, salty and stank.

The F$%K it List said...

@Jaded and @Smarty Thanks! You both helped so much in designing her.

@Dee Uhm yeah NO, I'm rolling my eyes at you right now.