Thursday, August 5, 2010

Woman's Law / I don't have anything to say...

Last week the crew was dealt a rather heavy blow but it seems that we're all rebounding nicely. So I bring you today's Woman's Law courtesy of my Brooklyn homie The Jaded Nyer, She's not heavy, she's my sister. Now get on over there, her couch is super comfy, have a read and leave a comment.


I don't have a lot to vent about today.

My fear of small people and now albinos. Is unhealthy and I need to work on it. I mean I wouldn't want anyone to be afraid of me because I'm Black (though I'm sure some racist person is).

CJ has taken to eating sandwiches everyday and the person I blame should expect to pick him up at the airport this weekend.

T-1 day before I start my vacation from the plantation. I can't wait to do absolutely nothing all day.

My friends are pretty awesome but some days ... POW to the Moon. Hard headed heffas.

This week is going to change my life and I can't wait to tell all of you about it, well some of you anyway.

I'm kind of on another blog break. I know, I know I was suppose to do better and as soon as these life changing events are over I will be.

I have my new logo and she is pretty fierce. If you come over here sprouting BS she will definitely cut your ass.

Machete seem to be the talk of the town. First on twitter, then at home.. I blame the NYC heat.

Hmm I think that's all I have to say now... I have a few drafts to tidy up this weekend and debut that new logo so until then I wish you PEACE, LOVE and SOULLLLLLLLLLLL


Anonymous said...

Who is making your new logo? I need one and it needs to be fabulous. I'm willing to pay too. Really, I am.

Looking forward to your news. We should go shopping. *evil smile* you'll become one of us yet.

Tyrone said...

I need to redesign my site a touch too. I like this new layout.

But I'm not a designer, I just play one at home. Good luck with the Big News.

Oh, I'm taking the last week of August off, so I might have a few spare hours to help you.