Thursday, August 26, 2010

#WomansLaw...Re-Aligning my Chakras

Before I start with my post, Today is Thersday and in celebration of it Bangs and a Bun has provided the latest installment of #Womanslaw, "Abide by the Code". If you need to catch up, check out the #Womanslaw written by Smarty's World, The Jaded NYer and of course yours truly.

Yesterday in my post about Disconnecting from the world I mentioned that I need to work on centering myself and unblocking my Chakras. I realized as I was meditating that some of you may not be familiar with the 7 Chakras and I should give you a crash course. I got a little busy and figured I would do it another day, until I started watching Avatar : The Last Airbender (book 2), started running down the Chakras, it was like a sign! So here we go.

The Hindus believe there are seven pools of spiraling energy in the body, these pools are often blocked by the muck and matter of life. In practicing Yoga you learn to reach down into yourself to release the blockage and eventually gain a sense of enlightenment. It takes dedication to open all seven, you have to be ready to look at your life and identify what the blockage is and then release it. And old baggage is always hard to release but I've decided in order for me to live a more fulfilling and enlighten life I need to do this.. step by step. Some very personal things will come out of this but I think it's best to document it here, and maybe it will inspire you to do the same. Now for The Seven Chakras, they are as follows.

(7) Sahasrara Chakra (crown chakra) - top of head, (6) Ajna Chakra (third eye) - center of forehead, (5) Visuddha Charka ((throat chakra) - throat area, (4) Anahata Chakra (heart chakra) - center of the breast (3) Manipura Chakra (navel chakra) - navel area, (2) Svadhisthana Chakra (2nd chakra) - sexual organ
(1) Muladhara Chakra (root chakra) - perineum area

I'm nervous and not exactly sure what will come of this, my hope is that it helps someone and that you enjoy the glimpse into my life.

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The Jaded NYer said...

One of these days I need to get back to re-aligning mine, as well. The stress of life is wreaking havoc on my skin!