Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Last Week as I was catching up on tweets I saw that Lyfe Jennings was headed back to jail (I saw the RT). When I asked why he was going back to prison no one responded. Well a little digging and it seems Lyfe was violated because of domestic violence and leading the police on a chase.

Hmmm... So Mr. "ladies don't be a statistic" is an abuser? How fitting that he spent all that energy telling women what they shouldn't accept, and yet he's exactly what women don't need I didn't like that song from jump, why? Because I'm tired of men telling women how to be better women. It's like some kind of epidemic. Books are being written (sold out), songs being made and hell an entire day of the week is dedicated to giving Women advice about how to be a better WOMAN. It's sickening and it needs to stop. The state of relationships, marriages etc will not be resolved if only one party is ALWAYS held responsible.

Anywho,Lyfe make sure you don't become a statistic while you're in the clink. *sucks teeth*

Video courtesy of World Star Hip Hop

Monday, September 27, 2010


I haven't posted here in a bit for two reason, I've been busy and some how I think I've lost my in your face kind of spunk. *wipes tears*

In the last few months I've found myself not able to just say what I want in a clear manner. I could blame it on twitter, work (which has become a job within a job), the house, stress.... hell I could go on and on. But I started this blog so I could vent and say what I wanted without fear. So I'm going back to that. My opinions, my way and if you don't like it...well that's kind of your problem. I think Cadillac Kimberly said it best here...Ya'll can thank Smarty Jone's for introducing me to this fucker! HA I love it!

I'm still not promising daily posts, I honestly just don't have the time but I'm going to get back in the swing of things. I have a lot to say and as of today,I'm not afraid of saying it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hip Hop Horray

Hip hop of today is wack so when I heard about the Rock the Bells featuring the best of the best, I was all over it! It was a great concert with the exception of a few things. So here you go the Haps on Rock The Bells NYC.

The day started out lazy and of course running a little late. The security was wack on one side of the island, and tight at the other end (they her bed me for my ginger ale and this dude for his giant ziploc full of weed, haha). I had never been to Govenours island for a concert so imagine my shock when the field was hay and dirt, not a green piece of grass to be seen. I WAS NOT HAPPY, here is one more reason the No chair policy sucked but whatever I was there for the music
Slick Rick the Ruler
We missed Slick Rick but I've seen him perform a trillion times so no worries there, but my Cuz got me this pic for your pleasure. And reported that as usual he did not disappoint! Slick rick always rocks the show.

We arrived right on time for The God, Rahkim! He was amazing, and because he loves me (yeah I said it) he did Mahogany! That song, oh that song!
The God, Rakim
He of course performed The Ledge (my crew rhymed every word) but when he left the stage and came back in his MCM suit to do Paid in Full. *swoon*! It was 90 degrees in the shade and The God was decked out in leather MCM that's showing love for the fans!
Rakim "Paid in Full"
KRS one was up next, he was on the stage at his expected time not even 5 second late. Its hard to give the set in order because in true fashion he was teaching about the origins of our people, Hip Hop etc.. Its important that the people hear this stuff but he didn't get to do as much of his best Music IMO. I loved that he held the white Hip hop fans over a flame about calling themselves Ni99a because that's something I hate about Hip hop and that he called the NYPD out on their BS. The most memorable parts of his performance was bringing out Black Moon, ah Buckshot Hip- Hop needs you! And when one of the member of BDP freestyled based off things people handed him, That's real Hip hop ladies and Gents.

There was a 50min lag between KRS and Lauryn Hill plus another 30 minutes because she was late. If you follow me on twitter you already know how I felt about Lauryn Hill's performance, so I'm just going to post the pics. 
Mary, 'Yonce and Lauryn

A.Keys and Lauryn
Skeletor, I mean Swizz Beatz and Lauryn
Oh yeah I'll never see her live again! NEVER. Jesus himself could be on the roster and I'd miss it. I miss the old Lauryn but she's gone, and maybe the new Lauryn will emerge stronger but for now I'll just keep my memories of her at her best. I had to ask myself why 'Yonce was wearing that Porkpie hat hahaha.

Between Lauryn and Tribe there were some interesting things that I have been forbidden to talk about by the. Mr. But I will say it involved three different white girls and him (bwhahahaha)

Tribe took the stage like only tribe can, just all kinds of awesome. They performed Midnight Marauders flawlessly and made you feel like you were in your living room rapping along. Extra Special appearance by Large Professor who performed "Looking at the front door" and then ATCQ's show went from awesome to Amazing when they intro'd Busta Rhymes!! If you know me then you know I was hella excited to see Busta!

When they left the stage, I knew I couldn't make it through much more. Did I mention we didn't have chairs and that we'd been standing for 7hrs straight!! Oh my back.  But I HAD to see the WU perform!
A Tribe Called Quest
A TCQ and Busta Rhymes
*Up from the 36 Chambers* That Intro made me forget about my back and when the entire clan  (R.I.P O.D.B) hit the stage me and the thousands of other people were jumping up and down!  People held their hands up in the "W" the entire time they were on stage. The Mr. who I believe was ready to go after the debauchery that was Ms. Hill was smiling like a cheshire cat, and rhyming along. That made me happy! Yet Another flawless and complete performance. Special guest? NOPE just the Wu-Tang clan. Old Dirty's son performed his parts on a few songs and Jesus be a mirror he looked just like his dad. I was super excited to hears C.R.E.A.M, protect your neck (because that's when I fell in love with them especially Ghost), Meth wrecked "Method man" "Ice cream" I loved, didn't even mind Capadonna (haha) but the highlight for me was "Can it be all so simple" . That song will always and forever be tops on my favorite list.
The Wu Tang-Clan

Wu Tang Video

By the end of the Wu's performance I was DEAD on my feet  I had to leave before Snoop performed or risk not being able to walk the next day.
 Here are a few things I learned from friends regarding Snoop and his performance:

* snoop had on some sort of one piece suit. A onesie as described by my girl @Deepee162.
*Snoops hair is indeed much more gorgeous than every woman walking the earth. Luxurious said my homie!
*his performance was cool

Snoop Rock  the Bells NYC 2010!

I think Snoop should have performed earlier, let Lauryn close out the show because 5 seconds into her set my ass would have been out and headed for home!

Friday, September 3, 2010


courtesy of the
 While the rest of America is resting, firing up the grill and lounging in their backyards to celebrate Labor Day, Brooklyn will be kicking off CARNIVAL!!!!  Brooklyn's Carnival is the largest parade held in NYC and people come from all over the country to attend. I've attended almost every year but have yet to take C.J. because it's SOOO crowded. It's an entire weekend full of parties, steel band and Soca concerts, in short it's a good time.

Carnival begins this Thursday night with the "Haitian Relief benefit". I usually don't start attending events until Saturday beginning with Kiddie Carnival, it's great fun and the kids get to play mass in a safe environment. At 8pm on Sunday the adult fun begins with Dimanche Gras, with some of the biggest Soca and Calypso artist out, when it ends roughly around 2am everyone heads to J'ouvert (most people say Jouvay) where steel bands play, paint is thrown and fun is had by all. All of this wraps up in what is most commonly known as the West Indian and American day Parade.

After listening to this commercial I might actually make my way out to the Parkway this year... MIGHT. Sometimes the crowd is just too much.

Maybe I'll see you out there. HAPPY LABOR DAY!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Muladhara (ROOT)

Ever Thursday I remind you to pass by the sites of my SMM crew to catch up on the latest #womanslaw, today is no different. In The final installment The Jaded NYer is speaking to the Mother's in "B$tch You got Kids", swing by, tel her I sent you. ENJOY!


The first Chakra is Earth, and is located at the base of the spine.  This Chakra deals with survival and is blocked by fear. In order to open this Chakra you must let go of your deepest fear(s).

I consider myself a pretty fearless person, but when it comes down to it we all have deep dark fears, some legitimate, some we've manufactured in our mind. The manufactured fear are the ones that destroy us from the inside. Five years ago my biggest fear was failure. I had convinced myself that if I failed in my career I would be abandoned by people around me. 

Fast forward to today, my biggest fear is still failure. No longer does it center around my career, but in parenting my son. This fears rears its ugly head every now and again but specifically when I can't get CJ to sit and do his letters/numbers. And I leap into survival mode, No TV for him, 2hrs reviews, reading etc.. Awful for me, WORSE for him.  I've had to come to terms with a lot of things in the last week since I started this journey, the first being that my fears are unjustified, he's 4 he will learn to write his name, and all of his letters and I can't beat myself up, but more importantly him trying to quell these fears.

Second is not to pass my fears on to him. This was a BIG one, I caught myself telling him something about what boys that don't do their work end up doing and mid-sentence (and death stare from his dad) I stopped. My son is 4 for the Love of Obama, he's smart, happy, loving and attentive (most times) and I'm going to ruin that by being a battle axe.

I admit a lot of my fears are rooted in stereotypes people have of Black males and in wanting to protect him I'm projecting all of that on him! With that I set my fears free and allow the universe to engulf them.

What is your biggest fear? How do you plan to let it go in order to open up the first chakra? Put it in the comment sections or work on it on your own, but release your fear to the Universe.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Celebs vs. Non Celebs.

Twitter has been ablaze with the chronicles of groupie sensation kat stacks everyday in the last week. Most times I just ignore them because I don't care to know what idiot rapper she's putting on blast now. However this Sunday I was catching up on twitter updates I missed I read several tweets bashing Carmelo (and Lala) for @ tweeting Kat Stacks. *scratches head*. I thought she only slept with young dumb rappers. I obviously missed something, so I asked Till and he confirmed that Carmelo indeed had responded and offered $$ to anyone that slapped her. *LE SIGH* and Mrs. Lala then chimed in that she was not the one. *LE SIGH, LE SIGH*.

I have more than one issue with this so let me just jump into this.

The Anthony's need to both go sit their asses down and get back to their damn honeymoon and child. For Carmelo to tweet the girl makes him an idiot but to put out there that you'll pay someone to hit her is FOOLISH! I don't care if she videotapes herself blowing the entire Cash Money click and then posts it on every social site out there, hitting her won't do anything to stop her.  And it's WRONG to resort to violence, especially if old boy is dumb enough to actually be with her. I don't know what could have sparked his need to talk about her but Congrats Carmelo you've given her more shine and made people think you're an idiot! *claps hands*

And Lala, oh Lala. You're not the one, huh? The one not to what? Support a man that advocates violence against women? Oh ok then you'll get a pass....I'M KIDDING because you aren't saying that. You're doing your best Ride or die woman performance and it's Lame. Why are you chiming in? Leave that man to his bullshit and tend to your family. As a matter of fact scream on your husband and tell him to stop destroying his image. Maybe it's just me, but I don't have time to cyber bully, or beat down on illiterate little girls and if my other half was engaged in it, he'd have some explaining to do.

*update* allegedly there was a hacker involved and Anthony actually never tweeted her. OKAY so let me say this, did the hacker also get your wife's account? *thinks about it* No okay let's continue. *whispers* Nice try Mel Mel.

Lastly in the chronicles of whoredom we have you the public. Your incessant need to know who, when what these damn celebs are doing is what breeds the shame that is this lost girl. Sure there were groupies before her, but the increase interest in how they operate the glorifying of this behavior, constant posting of their videos gives them the opportunity to go on!  If we all ignored Kat stacks and her antics she'd fade away into the distance (ex: superhead). Everything about her screams look at me, so close your eyes to her foolishness and she'll eventually disappear, at least to the regular public. If dumb ass celebrities *cough* Souljah boy *cough* wants to sleep with her EVEN though they knows she's a professional and will expose him, so be it. I'm sure we can all find better things to do with our life.

*I curse the day I ever found out who this child was*