Friday, September 3, 2010


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 While the rest of America is resting, firing up the grill and lounging in their backyards to celebrate Labor Day, Brooklyn will be kicking off CARNIVAL!!!!  Brooklyn's Carnival is the largest parade held in NYC and people come from all over the country to attend. I've attended almost every year but have yet to take C.J. because it's SOOO crowded. It's an entire weekend full of parties, steel band and Soca concerts, in short it's a good time.

Carnival begins this Thursday night with the "Haitian Relief benefit". I usually don't start attending events until Saturday beginning with Kiddie Carnival, it's great fun and the kids get to play mass in a safe environment. At 8pm on Sunday the adult fun begins with Dimanche Gras, with some of the biggest Soca and Calypso artist out, when it ends roughly around 2am everyone heads to J'ouvert (most people say Jouvay) where steel bands play, paint is thrown and fun is had by all. All of this wraps up in what is most commonly known as the West Indian and American day Parade.

After listening to this commercial I might actually make my way out to the Parkway this year... MIGHT. Sometimes the crowd is just too much.

Maybe I'll see you out there. HAPPY LABOR DAY!

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Mommy Lisa said...

Looks like fun will be had.