Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hip Hop Horray

Hip hop of today is wack so when I heard about the Rock the Bells featuring the best of the best, I was all over it! It was a great concert with the exception of a few things. So here you go the Haps on Rock The Bells NYC.

The day started out lazy and of course running a little late. The security was wack on one side of the island, and tight at the other end (they her bed me for my ginger ale and this dude for his giant ziploc full of weed, haha). I had never been to Govenours island for a concert so imagine my shock when the field was hay and dirt, not a green piece of grass to be seen. I WAS NOT HAPPY, here is one more reason the No chair policy sucked but whatever I was there for the music
Slick Rick the Ruler
We missed Slick Rick but I've seen him perform a trillion times so no worries there, but my Cuz got me this pic for your pleasure. And reported that as usual he did not disappoint! Slick rick always rocks the show.

We arrived right on time for The God, Rahkim! He was amazing, and because he loves me (yeah I said it) he did Mahogany! That song, oh that song!
The God, Rakim
He of course performed The Ledge (my crew rhymed every word) but when he left the stage and came back in his MCM suit to do Paid in Full. *swoon*! It was 90 degrees in the shade and The God was decked out in leather MCM that's showing love for the fans!
Rakim "Paid in Full"
KRS one was up next, he was on the stage at his expected time not even 5 second late. Its hard to give the set in order because in true fashion he was teaching about the origins of our people, Hip Hop etc.. Its important that the people hear this stuff but he didn't get to do as much of his best Music IMO. I loved that he held the white Hip hop fans over a flame about calling themselves Ni99a because that's something I hate about Hip hop and that he called the NYPD out on their BS. The most memorable parts of his performance was bringing out Black Moon, ah Buckshot Hip- Hop needs you! And when one of the member of BDP freestyled based off things people handed him, That's real Hip hop ladies and Gents.

There was a 50min lag between KRS and Lauryn Hill plus another 30 minutes because she was late. If you follow me on twitter you already know how I felt about Lauryn Hill's performance, so I'm just going to post the pics. 
Mary, 'Yonce and Lauryn

A.Keys and Lauryn
Skeletor, I mean Swizz Beatz and Lauryn
Oh yeah I'll never see her live again! NEVER. Jesus himself could be on the roster and I'd miss it. I miss the old Lauryn but she's gone, and maybe the new Lauryn will emerge stronger but for now I'll just keep my memories of her at her best. I had to ask myself why 'Yonce was wearing that Porkpie hat hahaha.

Between Lauryn and Tribe there were some interesting things that I have been forbidden to talk about by the. Mr. But I will say it involved three different white girls and him (bwhahahaha)

Tribe took the stage like only tribe can, just all kinds of awesome. They performed Midnight Marauders flawlessly and made you feel like you were in your living room rapping along. Extra Special appearance by Large Professor who performed "Looking at the front door" and then ATCQ's show went from awesome to Amazing when they intro'd Busta Rhymes!! If you know me then you know I was hella excited to see Busta!

When they left the stage, I knew I couldn't make it through much more. Did I mention we didn't have chairs and that we'd been standing for 7hrs straight!! Oh my back.  But I HAD to see the WU perform!
A Tribe Called Quest
A TCQ and Busta Rhymes
*Up from the 36 Chambers* That Intro made me forget about my back and when the entire clan  (R.I.P O.D.B) hit the stage me and the thousands of other people were jumping up and down!  People held their hands up in the "W" the entire time they were on stage. The Mr. who I believe was ready to go after the debauchery that was Ms. Hill was smiling like a cheshire cat, and rhyming along. That made me happy! Yet Another flawless and complete performance. Special guest? NOPE just the Wu-Tang clan. Old Dirty's son performed his parts on a few songs and Jesus be a mirror he looked just like his dad. I was super excited to hears C.R.E.A.M, protect your neck (because that's when I fell in love with them especially Ghost), Meth wrecked "Method man" "Ice cream" I loved, didn't even mind Capadonna (haha) but the highlight for me was "Can it be all so simple" . That song will always and forever be tops on my favorite list.
The Wu Tang-Clan

Wu Tang Video

By the end of the Wu's performance I was DEAD on my feet  I had to leave before Snoop performed or risk not being able to walk the next day.
 Here are a few things I learned from friends regarding Snoop and his performance:

* snoop had on some sort of one piece suit. A onesie as described by my girl @Deepee162.
*Snoops hair is indeed much more gorgeous than every woman walking the earth. Luxurious said my homie!
*his performance was cool

Snoop Rock  the Bells NYC 2010!

I think Snoop should have performed earlier, let Lauryn close out the show because 5 seconds into her set my ass would have been out and headed for home!


Mommy Lisa said...

I like the onesie. ;) Nice footage of Snoop! Thanks!

ShellyShell said...

I STILL don't think Lauryn was that bad. Me and Violent agreed on that! I think her band was too loud and she rapped too fast but I don't think she was horrible. I'll give her another go around!
You already know how I feel about Rakim. He is MY man! Tribe was the shyt especially in the middle when the lights flashed and you heard"Wait stop the party I don't wanna hurt nobody!" and out popped Bussa Buss! Wu was the shyt. I stayed for Snoop and he was the shyt too. Lady of Rage sang "I rock and stuff with my afro puffs!" He had the entire Dogg Pound with him.