Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Last Week as I was catching up on tweets I saw that Lyfe Jennings was headed back to jail (I saw the RT). When I asked why he was going back to prison no one responded. Well a little digging and it seems Lyfe was violated because of domestic violence and leading the police on a chase.

Hmmm... So Mr. "ladies don't be a statistic" is an abuser? How fitting that he spent all that energy telling women what they shouldn't accept, and yet he's exactly what women don't need I didn't like that song from jump, why? Because I'm tired of men telling women how to be better women. It's like some kind of epidemic. Books are being written (sold out), songs being made and hell an entire day of the week is dedicated to giving Women advice about how to be a better WOMAN. It's sickening and it needs to stop. The state of relationships, marriages etc will not be resolved if only one party is ALWAYS held responsible.

Anywho,Lyfe make sure you don't become a statistic while you're in the clink. *sucks teeth*

Video courtesy of World Star Hip Hop


Mommy Lisa said...

"men telling women how to be better women.." popped the puffy sweaty face of "Dr." Phil into my mind. *shudder*

Tyrone said...

Nope, it conjures the fro-stache of one Steve Harvey. The three or five time married and divorced Steve Harvey.

Fix yo own sh*t before telling folks how to run theirs. That'll be my book...$25 a copy.

Anonymous said...

Damn Lyfe. I wonder if he'll get the same inmate #??