Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Celebs vs. Non Celebs.

Twitter has been ablaze with the chronicles of groupie sensation kat stacks everyday in the last week. Most times I just ignore them because I don't care to know what idiot rapper she's putting on blast now. However this Sunday I was catching up on twitter updates I missed I read several tweets bashing Carmelo (and Lala) for @ tweeting Kat Stacks. *scratches head*. I thought she only slept with young dumb rappers. I obviously missed something, so I asked Till and he confirmed that Carmelo indeed had responded and offered $$ to anyone that slapped her. *LE SIGH* and Mrs. Lala then chimed in that she was not the one. *LE SIGH, LE SIGH*.

I have more than one issue with this so let me just jump into this.

The Anthony's need to both go sit their asses down and get back to their damn honeymoon and child. For Carmelo to tweet the girl makes him an idiot but to put out there that you'll pay someone to hit her is FOOLISH! I don't care if she videotapes herself blowing the entire Cash Money click and then posts it on every social site out there, hitting her won't do anything to stop her.  And it's WRONG to resort to violence, especially if old boy is dumb enough to actually be with her. I don't know what could have sparked his need to talk about her but Congrats Carmelo you've given her more shine and made people think you're an idiot! *claps hands*

And Lala, oh Lala. You're not the one, huh? The one not to what? Support a man that advocates violence against women? Oh ok then you'll get a pass....I'M KIDDING because you aren't saying that. You're doing your best Ride or die woman performance and it's Lame. Why are you chiming in? Leave that man to his bullshit and tend to your family. As a matter of fact scream on your husband and tell him to stop destroying his image. Maybe it's just me, but I don't have time to cyber bully, or beat down on illiterate little girls and if my other half was engaged in it, he'd have some explaining to do.

*update* allegedly there was a hacker involved and Anthony actually never tweeted her. OKAY so let me say this, did the hacker also get your wife's account? *thinks about it* No okay let's continue. *whispers* Nice try Mel Mel.

Lastly in the chronicles of whoredom we have you the public. Your incessant need to know who, when what these damn celebs are doing is what breeds the shame that is this lost girl. Sure there were groupies before her, but the increase interest in how they operate the glorifying of this behavior, constant posting of their videos gives them the opportunity to go on!  If we all ignored Kat stacks and her antics she'd fade away into the distance (ex: superhead). Everything about her screams look at me, so close your eyes to her foolishness and she'll eventually disappear, at least to the regular public. If dumb ass celebrities *cough* Souljah boy *cough* wants to sleep with her EVEN though they knows she's a professional and will expose him, so be it. I'm sure we can all find better things to do with our life.

*I curse the day I ever found out who this child was*


Irene said...

I don't know what is worse - thee behavior of these people or the fact that I have no idea who any of these mofos are. LOL!

Tyrone said...

I don't know why someone, anyone would think it's a good idea to openly post a bounty on anyone outside of Osama Bin Laden and then pretend they didn't have anything to do with it. Foolishness.

And everyone needs to STOP giving this trollop any kind of attention. Ugh.

Lina said...

Ya know, I said the same thing after I saw a video of some ppl harming and threatening her. Its effing foolish if you ask me. As for carmelo, the mellow fellow, looks like he just tried to jump on the bandwagon only to find out that that shit doesn't always gain you the publicity you hoped for. As for comment.

But the question that boggles my mind is why every time a celeb does some ish only to retract through "someone hacked my account"? Its rhetorical of course...

MzInspiredMind81 said...

I agree w/ everyone. I don't see why these celebs(an non celebs) continue to feed into that woman's coonery. Ms Stacks defines 'black girl lost'.