Tuesday, October 26, 2010

R.I. P Gregory Isaac

They called him "The Cool Ruler" and if you've ever heard his music you understand why.  Yesterday Gregory Issac lost his battle with cancer and he will be missed. If you follow me on twitter than you know I spent most of the work day listening to his music...but it dawned on me last night that a few people might not have known who he was. So here are a few of my favorite songs

and his most famous song... Night Nurse.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Black people stay doing the most...Mad jokes

Last week I was having a particularly shitty day, everything that could go wrong did and on top of that I was two seconds from..well let's not relive it you can read about it here. 

Despite my growing annoyance for twitter I scrolled through my "Fancy" list for a laugh. And there it was my blog homie talking about a R.I.P candy bar/ Really! I responded asking for a twitpic and sure enough there it was. I laughed until I almost choked. Why must Black folks be so extra extra with it? Hand out some prayer cards, obituary and keep it moving! And how do you hand out R.I.P candy bars with a straight face? Do you eat the candy? I mean so many things ran through my head (I wouldn't eat the candy btw). Lord my people. So in a moment of sheer brilliance, I asked my homie if he'd make me a wrapper and sure enough he did. Ha no R.I.P because you know I'm alive #nshit but yeah here it is:

Funky Fresh, I might need to order some of these, I mean you get sweet chocolate w/ almonds, my pic and a coupon to Pizza hut.....now that's a motherf$%king win! Hahah! Nah I think I'll just stick to t-shirts.

I don't really have time to read gossip mags, or even visit sites like bossip so I usually find out about nonsense late. Perfect example Mc Hammer vs. Jay-Z and Nick Cannon vs. Eminem. O_o. Let's start with Hammer, this is by far the most foolish hip-hop beef. Hammer can't get mad because Jay-Z stated facts, its public knowledge that he lost 30mill so why are you dissing people hammer? And look I'm no Jigga fan but I'm pretty sure if he was so bored his 5mins of studio time would annihilate you so let's just laugh it off and act like a man in our 50s mmkay?

Ah Nick Cannon, you want to protect your wives honor an entire year after the fact. Aren't you noble! Please do us all a favor and go back to teen nick, mmkay?!

Lastly this little gem of a video first brought to my attention by And1Grad (who I now hate for introducing this to me). 

When I first watched this video I thought it was "Real" from that god awful I love NY show but it turns out there is another crazy man running around in daddy jeans, long pressed hair and a bandanna... go figure.  And don't get me started on the dancing and the Tummiscratch beat...HAHA.

Well I'm back, a few of the crazy things in my life have calmed down so I might get back to blogging regularly :) 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let me explain something to you.....

Last week as I was walking to work a woman stepped across my path and said "You might want to look where you are going" to which I responded "Well you probably shouldn't cut people off and cut across their path" I thought it was over until this ignorant woman turned to me and said "F$ck you Ni99er"... UHM EXCUSE ME?  I blacked out for a quick second and gave that woman the tongue lashing of her life and had her backed into a corner seconds away from smashing her head through the glass door, when my phone rang. That woman scrambled like roaches when the lights come on and she has the Mr. to thank her for it. 

I was shocked that this woman at 8:30 in the morning had the nerve to even open her mouth to form those words, and even more so over a simple exchange of words. But I find it even more surprising that she really though I wouldn't respond... Like where they hell are you from lady?  Anyway I write all this to say if people are going to use that word, ESPECIALLY White people they need to be prepared for the reaction they might get. I don't use the word in passing and I damn sure don't want you to, but if you chose to then I can't be held responsible. 


Friday, October 1, 2010


The second chakra (Water) is located just beneath the navel. This chakra deals with our sexual and reproductive capabilities. Blockages will manifest itself is guilt, emotional or sexual. In order to release this chakra you must first deal with pinned up guilt. 

It took me a VERY long time to do this post, unlike the first Chakra I had no idea what I felt guilty about. I read and re-read the ways on cleansing the chakra and still nothing. Then last week after working from home for two days, bam it hit me..... But still it took another week and one day for me to post it. It's pretty personal and I didn't want to at first but how am I to gain inner peace if I don't face myself and the things that are holding me back. So here it goes... 

The one and only guilt I have is that I didn't walk away. Everyone that knows me knows that I am a giver. There aren't many things that are mine that I won't share but there are people in my life that are nothing but takers. Those people are the ones I should have walked away from years ago. I guess the guilt is not that I haven't walked away but that I've let them USE me for lack of a better word. Friends and family are always telling me not to be so nice (funny because other people think I'm not that nice) but I just don't like to see other people suffer.  When I hear that someone is having an issue my intuition tells me to help. I always think I'm blessed so it's my job to make sure others are as well. But there is some point when you have to say No and walk away.  I'm not that good at that. I mean I can say no but 9/10 times I'll try to find away to make it things happen. I've got to stop that, because in the end when my efforts are not reciprocated I get upset and start to feel bad about my choices. And here in lies the REAL GUILT. 

I give because I am able, and I should not expect that because I am caring and giving everyone else is. Instead I must be more selective in who I help and when. So I don't walk around feeling guilty or angry. In this post I've made the conscious decision to forgive myself and if necessary walk away from those that cause me to harbour these feelings.

I'll let you know how this is working out for me.. So far it's been hard but I've managed.

We all harbour guilt, what do you feel most guilty about? Can you forgive yourself so that you can move on?