Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reason #1,564,900 I should not watch MTV

Last week I was bamboozled by Mz.InspiredMind into watching that ratchet 16 and Pregnant. I've watched that show all of one time before and all it did was get me all worked up. I swore NEVER to do it again..#liesItellmyself. Anyway last week there was a young couple on the show and the shear level of fuckery makes me believe that MTV is not trying to deter kids from getting pregnant but are indeed glorifying it for monetary gain. Angry again I took to Twitter and decided that if you don't follow me (SHAME ON YOU) I'd would give you a glimpse into my extra random world. ENJOY!

Sooo thanks to @mzinspiredmind I'm watching 16 and Pregnant... I just heard the girl say he should be able to take care of her. (CONT)

Rule Nomber Uno (yeah I quote Biggie all the time)If you are about to be a mother you had better be able to take care of your GAT damn self. I don't care if you are 16 or 36

I don't care if you're married, shacked up, off and on YOU have to be able to care for you and your child ESPECIALLY that 1st few months.

The girl was in labor and HIS family were the only one's around: Where is this child's parents? I missed the beginning

Dude was fully dressed, fresh to death :Uhm how is it that Isaiah can find his gold chain but not his damn car keys.

@mzinspiredmind Well Shame the f$%k on them! How you just bounce on a 16yo.(Mz responding that the girls parent left her down there and move back to upstate NY, RATCHETNESS at it's finest)

KISS THE BABY (This is for Sonshine) RT @Strawberry15: YES RT @f_uitlist: WAIT A GAT DAMN MINUTE this 16yo CHILD is married?@mzinspiredmind @Strawberry15

(she was actually not going to college and had finished HS early) and here goes the giving up school! SADNESS

Number 2: You didn't know how much you have to give up, You sacrifice for your child from the time you find out you're preggers. that's why being 16 and Pregnant sucks. You haven't had time to really live. (me preaching)

If he buys Rims i SWEAR I will jump into the TV and smack the Begeesus out of him! Ya'll will see me on TV in my head scarf tonight

(the boys family was pushing for a DNA test, and made the girl cry) I'm about to slap the Good googlie mogglie out of these Black folks. This ain't mutherfing Maury   

I'm deleting @mzinspiredmind from my life after this show! I'm so pissed off at this mess of a show!

(News you can use folks!) wait if a DNA test is only $40 why are all these folks on Maury?

(this old battle axe was going in for NO REASON) why the f$%k does the grandma want a DNA test? 

(Uhm I say this all the time)Black people get your shit together!

I hate hood rat families. HATE THEM I say!

(This was in response to that little boy going on about what any MAN would do, The problem here is he was was good and let the women of his family bully him)
 NO DUMB ASS a MAN is not going to let the banshees in his family convince him that he should take a DNA test.

(Mz. saying she would curse him and his family out) @mzinspiredmind and then I'd punch him square in the face. STUPID MOTHERFUCKER!

So there you have it, my angry rant on 16 and Pregnant the Maury Povitch edition. I really wish one of you would come put the parental control on my TV because sometimes my TV choices are just so........  (Next up RHOA HAHA)

*** Hides remote**    


MzInspiredMind81 said...


Anonymous said...

Lmao!!!! That grandma had it in for that poor girl

The True Urban Queen said...

I half watched this episode via my daughter. . .which means I saw about 3 minutes and she filled me in on the rest.
I have told here one milli times I hate that show and being 16 and pregnant is not cute. But, if these kids think that they can get on T.V. it will continue. Oh and think what you will but mine is getting birth control because, I am a realistic mother. And when my son gets to his teens I am putting fresh condoms in his pocket every morning. And dare him not to wear them. haha

I know that both of those children gave up school. Which is not a good thing for either, especially when we got more young black men in prison than college.

I don't know the whole story behind the DNA test, but nowadays you sometimes have to wonder. *ducks
Let me tell you a story, I have a very close family member, he has three children, one of these little ones is not like the others. I promise we never told him to get a DNA test (though we all thought something was up). You never know how genes of family plays in children. That is really true in black families. I have cousins of light skin and dark skin with the same mother and father.
Anywho, years later. It was brought out "he is not the father" . . we could have all saved him and his son the pain had we suggested a test. Right?

Okay, this has been a really long comment. I really don't like this show or that Secret Lives of American Teenagers (which is on another station).

af said...

I saw a bit of that episode tonight. Her "husband" seemed like a decent stand-up guy, but his family is where the trouble lied.

All of the women were getting into his business and not letting him make the decision on his own. There was definately too much estrogen in that house and not enough testosterone.

I noticed that the aunt or whoever chimed in and was like "paternity tests are only $40 at the drug store", ok and how do you know that?
are you telling everyone that you were a bus-down back in the day who didn't know her baby's father?!

and his grandmother didn't look too old herself. maybe she was in her late 40s or early 50s, which means that she was probably a teen mother her own self.

the current state of society is pretty bad. it seems as though the media is condoning this behavior. you have shows about ex-drug addicts, drama queens, baby's mamas, etc. basically nothing positive or requiring a higher level of thought.
you also have to think about the message that is being broadcast all across the world. there are closed societies that have no exposure to our people except for music videos and the media. imagine what they think about AAs.

Mommy Lisa said...

No to MTV - and NO to TLC now too.


Sarah Palin?

People are losing their damn MINDS!